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  WImbypeopleandSteph Open Court is back, by popular demand, after having been retired back in August, 2012. The 2.0 version is trying to be a little like Serena 2.0 – better than ever, a little kinder and gentler after returning from a life-changing experience, but without losing its competitive scowl. 🙂 We’ll bring you the same mix of news, original reporting, wacky stuff, funny stuff, and exclusive photos and videos, with the insight gained after 20 years covering tennis, and a lifetime playing it. The first time Serena Williams played at the U.S. Open, aiming every shot at the heads of Jill Hetherington and Kathy Rinaldi (in vain)? Present. That epic Agassi-Sampras four-tiebreak match in New York that people still remember? Present. When 14-year-old Martina Hingis stayed up late and hung around at the Canadian Open to watch 15-year-old Venus Williams take on Sabine Appelmans in a night match? Present. When Rafa beat Roger in the dark at Wimbledon? Present. When Lleyton Hewitt and Marcos Baghdatis battled until 4:30 a.m. in Australia? Semi-present, by the end. And impressed that the bars were still open in Rod Laver Arena.

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Enjoy. And please give us feedback about what you like, don’t like, and would like to see (but try to keep it as civil – at least as civil as social media can be). E-mail: StephMylesTennis@hotmail.com

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11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Would you happen to know if Franky Dancevic is retired now, out injured, or just taking a break from the tour?
    Appreciate it,
    Matt Creelman, big tennis fan

    • Injured, as far as I know. Told me he’ll probably come back after the 6-month mark so he can get the injury-protected ranking – so, end of May.

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  3. Hello Stephanie,

    Why the WTA games are not shown on RDS or TSN anymore (except for the grand slam?)


    • Ils ne les montraient pas souvent. Mais je crois que TVA Sports détient maintenant les droits.
      Pour la diffusion en anglais, c’est Sportsnet qui a reçu le “cadeau” des droits WTA avec la nouvelle entente pour la Coupe Rogers. Personne ne les voulaient. Sauf qu’il ne s’en servent pas. C’est dommage.

  4. Hello Stephanie,

    Has no one noticed the double standard at the French Open in the dress for ball girls and ball boys. I am all for fashion and no doubt it is “de rigeur” at the French Open. But these ladies look like “ball bunnies”. What’s up with that? Cannes redux? Care to comment in your column?

    Thanks for considering whether this is a topic worthy to air.


  5. Is it possible for you to let your tennis fans know the tournaments in which our top players will play this fall? (Pospisil, Raonic, and Bouchard)

    • Sure, as far as I know them: Bouchard WD from Hong Kong. She’s playing Wuhan and Beijing, and then Linz in Austria (perhaps one more). Raonic is skedded for Kuala Lumpur next week but I don’t see him making that; after comes Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow, Basel . Pospisil’s entered in Shenzen, he’s next into Beijing so will probably get in, second next into Shanghai (Almagro is on that list, and Del Potro, and Dolgopolov, so he’ll get in), Vienna.

  6. Hi there! I have a great new tennis film coming to canada on Sept 16 and I would love to chat with you about promos and press opportunities! If you could shoot me back an email so we could chat that would be great! Thanks!


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