9 thoughts on “Genie Bouchard out of the US Open

  1. Really bizarre incident. If Genie requested a cold bath, who did she request it to? Wouldn’t that person have to arrange for someone to get the bath ready, & be there to clean up afterward? Wouldn’t that mean that Genie wouldn’t haven’t been alone? Even if she was alone, what prevented her from turning on a light so that she could see where she was going, & see that the floor was wet? Has there been any news on what classification of concussion she has? Sorry for all the questions, but your article has the most comprehensive info on the incident, so I figure, if anyone has the answers, you will.

    • What prevented her from turning on a light was that the room was pitch black, as I wrote, so she couldn’t see the light switch. Not a familiar room so it’s not like she’d know where it was.

      Your questions are fairly self-evident. If I’d been able to get answers to them when I asked, I’d have written about it – obviously.

      I’m sure you’re already well aware of the cone of silence around Team Bouchard. Surprised I got that much.

  2. As someone who has suffered a few head traumas, one quite recently, I do hope she will have as little continuing or even permanent effect from the concussion. That’s all she needs at this time of beginning to overcome her other injuries and challenges. Those close to her will I trust monitor. To see the accounts thus far, I am pretty shocked to hear that Emerg at the famed hospital would have basically released her without it seems very firm instructions on post-concussion care. I gather no consciousness was lost – since she was not given x-rays etc. and someone to monitor her sleep. She was wise to see medical staff right away the next day. I would have hoped the hospital would have been so clear that convincing not to play would not have been necessary.

      • I gather her mother was there to make sure a rash decision to play was made – so that’s good that all will be done with care – even if Eugenie’s competitive desire makes her anxious to return to competition.

  3. What a shame

    I hope it clears up quickly and I wish her all the best. Concussions can be nasty.

  4. Another good question is why does a player have to do press after playing two matches and then finish her routine in a room already cleaned and shut down for the next days’ patrons? She should be able to take care of herself first and then do press if she chooses or skip it altogether.

    • Because that’s part of her job. She could have done it after her singles – which some players do. Helps everyone out big time and gets it over with. She was never headed for the trainer’s room. It was just en route. She didn’t come in straight from her second match. It took awhile.

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