And Genie Bouchard’s Oz mixed doubles partner is …

MELBOURNE, Australia – Open Court is told that Genie Bouchard will play the Australian Open mixed doubles with …

Are you ready for this?

He’s an “ic”. But not “Raonic”.

Not “Djokovic”.

Aussie Bernard Tomic.

The only slight hurdle is that because of Tomic’s current ranking, they will need a wild card.

Can’t see any reason that wouldn’t happen.

Tomic has paired up with a top foreign player before; a couple of years ago he joined forces with Jelena Jankovic in what, well, wasn’t exactly the best mixed doubles ever played. But at least Jankovic seemed to get a kick out of the then teenaged Bernie.




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3 thoughts on “And Genie Bouchard’s Oz mixed doubles partner is …

  1. When I read your intro had a chuckle and thought “Could be Tomic,” but was just being funny. And then it was! On second thought, they might make a good team. Hope TV carries it, but know that is unlikely, unless they are very keen to show Bouchard.

    • Because it’s Tomic, there’s a good chance it would be on a show court – maybe 2 or 3 – so that means it will at least be livestreamed somewhere because Canadian TV doesn’t decide what will be scheduled where.

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