Back woes still plaguing Pospisil

After breaking getting right to the edge of top 30 in 2013, Vasek Pospisil is getting a bit of a harsh reality check in 2014.

The 23-year-old Canadian’s clay-court season is getting off to a fairly wretched start, after a quick first-round loss to the solid Roberto Bautista Agut in Monte Carlo and another first-round defeat to Romanian qualifier Adrian Ungur in Bucharest.

Then, after winning his first-round doubles match with partner Julian Knowle, Pospisil pulled out of his quarter-final doubles match Thursday.

Pospisil strained his hip during pre clay-court season training down in Bradenton, Fla., and so was almost completely bereft of match play before even getting to Monte Carlo.

In Bucharest, Pospisil suffered a “contracture” of the back. Which, in English, translates into a spasm. Or at the very least, some pain.

For a guy whose back took him out of a semi-final match in Chennai against Stanislas Wawrinka, and of a potential third-round rematch at the Australian Open (and cost him a few weeks after that), anything involving the word “back” is never a good thing.

Pospisil pulled out of the doubles basically for precautionary reasons, to not risk anything, coach Frédéric Fontang said. He also is out of Munich next week, but Fontang said that was decided before the back situation flared up.

Pospisil and Fontang will stay in Europe and keep working, preparing for the big Masters 1000 event in 10 days in Madrid. Pospisil told Open Court they’ve got to take it day by day; he said the only tournament this season where he was pain-free (or almost) was Miami.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. But Pospisil probably could a lucky break or two right now.







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8 thoughts on “Back woes still plaguing Pospisil

  1. Tennis Magazine said May 2 that Vasek will miss Madrid because of his back. I hope he gets really healthy before returning to the tour.

    • I don’t really know what Tennis Magazine is, but I already wrote about this yesterday, in the draw analysis. He’ll looking for a return in Rome. Tough, tough tournament to try to play if you’re not healthy – field is so tough.

  2. This is very sad news about Vasek glad Stephanie was able to find out what is going on with Vasek. I had a feeling the back is still not healed. Glad Vasek decided to withdraw from Munich. However, now Vasek problems are mental he is doubting himself. I wonder if it is wise for Vasek to continue playing? I think Vasek should take a break, see a specialist who deals with back injuries and get the help he needs. Vasek needs to think about the long term is he really doing good to keep on playing while in pain? What is the point playing and losing in the first round? The injury seems serious if Vasek is having back spasms.

  3. I finally tracked down your Pospisil news and it was exactly what I had feared it would be. Glad they are only talking about spasms at this point since that is the back’s way of saying “stop whatever you are doing before you do more damage” (at least so says my physio). In my opinion and based on my own experiences, this will be a mental setback along with a physical one in the sense that you feel like you just can’t trust any movement anymore. I really hope he takes the time he needs and also doesn’t beat himself up too much about it. I always got a bit mad at my back and myself when I had a setback with my back. 🙂 But I am not even close to being a sports professional though – never had a tough even mental game. Hopefully he is getting some help with the mental side of things as well? I guess a coach helps with that too right?

    Thanks for this article (although I did not really want it confirmed 🙂 )!

  4. That’s too bad.

    I really enjoy watching Vasek play. He can be a very exciting player to watch. Here’s hoping his back gets and stays strong soon.

  5. C’est tellement dommage et j’espère que ce ne soit pas sérieux.. I wish him a speedy recovery, he’s such an entertaining player.

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