Bouchard takes over Québec sports TV

If you’ve been missing Genie Bouchard’s face since the WTA Tour season ended, fear not.

There were not one, but two Bouchard sightings on French-language television Friday night.

Unfortunately, both were at the same time, as both of Quebec’s French-language sports networks aired extensive Bouchard interviews concurrently.  So it was basically Genie vs. Genie for about a half-hour there.

Back in town after a trip to the idyllic metropolis that is Churchill, Manitoba, with a stop on Toronto for a media blitz that included a little game of tennis on the basketball court with the Raptor, the Montrealer and mom Julie stopped in to Tennis Canada’s offices for a meeting with Fed Cup captain Sylvain Bruneau.

While there, she agreed to do the two television interviews.

Granted, there was no Canadiens hockey on Friday night. But the fact that both networks cleared out whatever else they had programmed on their 9:30 p.m. gab fests to give Canada’s tennis darling so much air time says a lot about her star power in Quebec – and about Tennis Canada media-relations whiz Valérie Tétreault’s scrambling abilities. Because the TVA spot, in particular, looked as though it had extensive lead time, and host Dave Morrissette was well-prepared.

The fact that Bouchard did all that talking, in French (without much lead time, when she really speaks it rarely) and pulled it off as well as she did is a tribute to her.

Here are some screen grabs (from RDS and TVA Sports).

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    • Hehe. Oops. I actually have a friend named Sylvain Bouchard. But he’s a big, huge black dude so there’s absolutely no resemblance! Will fix.

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