Breaking baby news from Amélie Mauresmo (video)

Per her Facebook, there’s a little Amélie (or Émile) coming in August.

Yes, she is.

And yes, who saw that coming?

Here’s a brief video clip of Mauresmo on the practice court at Indian Wells.  Come to think of it …. Hmmmmm. I guess I was too distracted by Murray (or looking for Bjorkman) to pay attention. And Mauresmo ALWAYS commands my attention 🙂 🙂

Here she is in Australia, two months prior. Same shorts 🙂


Here’s the Facebook post. And no, we have no news other than that on the, er, logistics of the thing.


The lady has a lot of responsibilities – top of the list being as the coach of Andy Murray.

Andy Murray

So the announcement a few weeks ago that Sweden’s Jonas Bjorkman was joining the Murray team (as soon as he danced his way off the Swedish version of “Dancing with the Stars”) is put into a little more context, especially the relative lack of urgency of his arrival.

Mauresmo will lead the French Fed Cup team against the Czech Republic in the semi-finals next week.

She turns 36, at it happens, on the middle Sunday at Wimbledon this  year.

Congratulations to the lady, one of the most fabulous women in the game. I’d want her to be MY mom.

And don’t search her name on Twitter right now. Some of the reaction is laughingly, pathetically predictable.


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