Canucks This Week – week of Feb. 19, 2018 (final results)

Shapovalov the last Canadian standing.

Delray Beach Open
Delray Beach, Fla. (ATP Tour 250) 


Milos Raonic
1st rd: def. Taro Daniel (JPN) 61 75
2nd rd: lost to Steve Johnson (USA) 62 64

Denis Shapovalov 
1st rd: def Ivo Karlovic (CRO) 75 76 (4)
2nd rd: def  Jared Donaldson (USA) 67 (6) 64 64
QF: def. Taylor Fritz (USA) 75 64
SF: lost to [WC] Frances Tiafoe (USA) 75 64

[LL] Peter Polansky
1st rd: lost to Jared Donaldson (USA) 76 (6) 61


[WC] Denis Shapovalov / Peter Polansky
1st rd: def. Robert Lindstedt (SWE) / Franco Skugor (CRO) 46 63 [10-2]
QF: lost to Matthew Ebden (AUS) / Donald Young (USA) 63 57 [10-3]

Singles qualifying

Peter Polansky
1st rd: def. [5] Adrian Menendez-Maceiras (ESP) 62 63
Final rd: lost to [WC] Franko Skugor (CRO) 62 64

t. P

Open 13 Provence
Marseille, France (ATP Tour 250) 


[WC] Félix Auger-Aliassime
1st rd: lost to Thomas Fabbiano (ITA) 63 64


Daniel Nestor / Florin Mergea (ROU)
1st rd: def Damir Dzumhur (BIH) / Antonio Sancic (CRO) 76 (10) 64
QF: lost to [1] Raven Klaasen (RSA) / Michael Venus (NZL) 63 63

Adil Shamasdin / Jamie Cerretani (USA)
1st rd: def [WC] David Guez / Quentin Halys (FRA) 64 67 (2) [10-7]
QF: lost to [2] Rohan Bopanna (IND) / Edouard Roger-Vasselin (FRA) 36 76 (3) [10-4]

t. t. P

Morelos Open Credito Real
Morelos, Mexico (ATP Challenger $50K)


Steven Diez
1st rd: lost to [8] Dmitry Popko (KAZ) 46 62 62


Steven Diez / Roberto Ortega-Olmedo (ESP)
1st rd: lost to [4] Ruan Roelofse (RSA) / Max Schnur (USA) 64 64

Singles qualifying

[WC] Michel-Alexandre Fortin
1st rd: lost to [WC] Isaac Arevalo (MEX) 64 62

t. P

Morgan Run Women’s Open
Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. (ITF $25K) 

Singles qualifying

[7] Aleksandra Wozniak
1st rd: def Niluka Madurawe (USA) 61 64
2nd rd: lost to Ann Li (USA) 64 64

City ot. P

GD Tennis Cup
Antalya, Turkey ($15K ITF Pro Circuit)


[SE] Rebecca Marino
1st rd: def. Giorgia Marchetti (ITA) 46 76 (4) 64
2nd rd: def [2] Cristina Dinu (ROU) 61 62
QF: lost to [7] Nina Potocnik (SLO) 75 64

Singles qualifying

[7] Carson Branstine
1st rd: Bye
2nd rd: lost to Anri Nagata (JPN) 61 30 retdt

\City o

Archigen Cup
Solarino, Italy ($15K ITF Pro Circuit)


Petra Januskova
1st rd: lost to [6] Ksenia Palkina (KGZ) 64 64y o


Petra Januskova / Lou Adler (USA)
1st rd: def. Greet Minnen (BEL) / Shelby Talcott (USA) 63 63
QF: lost to [4] Mathilde Armitano (FRA) / Maria Masini (ITA) 75 63


Soho Square Egypt F6 Women’s Futures / Men’s Futures
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt ($15K ITF Pro Circuit)

Men’s singles qualifying

Iancu-Iustinian Ghinda 
1st rd: def [WC] Anthony Pero (GBR) 62 60
2nd rd: lost to [6] Vladyslav Orlov (UKR) 76 (5) 61

Women’s singles qualifying

Anya Suresh
1st rd: def Polina Kozryeva (RUS) 61 62
2nd rd: lost to [5] Karolina Berankova (CZE) 62 64

2nd City o

ITF Palmanova Calvia
Palmanova, Mallorca (ITF Pro Circuit $15K)


[Q] Sonya Latycheva
1st rd: lost to [Q] Chisa Hosonuma (JPN) 64 63

Singles qualifying

[WC] Sonya Latycheva
1st rd: def  Gabriela Martinez Asensi (ESP) 46 61 61
2nd rd: def Svenja Ochsner (SUI) 63 62
Final rd: def [11] Julia Payola (ESP) 36 64 63

Keira Blackbeard
1st rd: def Hikari Osaki (JPN) 57 61 63
2nd rd: lost to [7] Chisa Osonuma (JPN) 76 (2) 60

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21 thoughts on “Canucks This Week – week of Feb. 19, 2018 (final results)

  1. Indeed, a #630 guarantees direct entry only to $15,000 tourneys, so she may need to win more of those. Hardcourt more recommended than clay for her.

    • Obviously. But she’ll have to play on clay eventually, it happened the event last week was on clay. So might as well get her feet wet (so to speak).

      • Saw Tom Tebbut writing she’ll attempt to get in 3-4 $25,000 and up tournaments in Japan, end of March and on, all HC. Not easy to get in with her present ranking. Will see.

        • I’m not sure that’s right. It’s partly right. It’s also, as she told me, not carved in stone yet.

  2. Terrific win for Milos after not having much match play for quite a few months, & for Denis because Karlovic is a tough customer. Looking forward to their next matches.

    • Their opponents helped them a lot yesterday. You take them any way you can get them. Shapovalov-Karlovic was a dumpster of a match, to be honest. Sometimes you have to win ugly.

  3. Açcording to itf, she us playing in Turkey afin this week. Then i suppose she needs to Wait formation points to “kick in”?

    • She’s not playing this week. Three weeks straight, after five years, was enough, no? (Gotta trust Open Court 🙂 )

      • OPENCOURT is hands down the best source for Canadian tennis goingson. I really don’t understand why Tennis Canada doesn’t jut hire you. They should be wanting the info you provide to be available to Canadian Tennis fans.

        That said, ITFTENNIS still has her playing Giorgia Marchetti at around 11:30 tomorrow (I just checked again). I suppose she withdrew late and ITFTENNIS site does not yet reflect this.

        Finally, l would like your thoughts on the following: I believe that the points that grant you status in tournaments are those that were earned 4-6 weeks before the tournament start. Therefore Rebecca’s new ranking (between 550 and 700 depending on how she does this week) would only help around end of March if I understand the rules correctly.

        If this is the case, it even easier to understand why some people were upset by the WCs Maria S. got. Wonder is she would have spent 3 weeks in Antalya to get the 36 points required to gain entry into some 25-50K qualies…

        • She’s already around No. 630, before this week.
          But, as I mentioned, she’s headed home as far as I know. It would be silly not to take a break after all that tennis – unwise. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. But who knows, she may have changed her mind and is feeling good. We shall see.
          At the level she’s playing at the moment, the ranking is good enough to get her in. No doubt Tennis Canada will help her with wild cards if they can. It’s six weeks ahead for the WTA level (which is irrelevant at this point).
          People who were upset by Sharapova getting wild cards either 1) don’t like her or 2) didn’t want to see her in the draw because they were afraid to lose to her or 3) thought she should start fresh because of the doping thing.
          But Sharapova didn’t retire for five years. And she’s a five-time Grand Slam champion. And – above all else – she’s one of only two WTA Tour players who actually creates a little buzz and sells tickets.
          Marino wasn’t even a top-20 player. I really don’t think there’s a comparison to be made.

          • Rebecca lost today. Still, 20 in a row isn’t bad at any level! Hopefully she can do as well as Greta Arn going forward. Great start anyways! Won’t need quite as much help with wildcards from here on.

          • She hasn’t really had any wild cards so far. The first tournament had room in the qualifying, so she could enter with only a phantom national ranking. After that, with her results, she was in on special exemptions. She would still need them if she wants to play any tournaments about this level, though. Still outside the top 600.
            Amazing run.

          • Thanks for all this info. As usual, you are an incredible source of knowledge. I agree on Sharapova, and wasn’t suggesting Marino was getting a raw deal. It’s just an eye-opener to see just how tough and long it is for a competent player to play their way back into being in a position to compete at their level. Good thing it doesn’t happen every day. And also now she knows she is too good for ITF 15Ks in Turkey. Time will tell what her level really is, I guess. And thanks a bunch for continuing to summarize all this info weekly. I remember how much work it was while you were for for a while…

          • It shouldn’t necessarily take all that long. Have a look at Greta Arn’s path back; she had been retired a few years (and got a degree in architecture while she was out). Her best ranking was about the same as Marino’s but, of course, she’s 10 years older. I actually talked to her about this in Saguenay end of last season. I’m writing a piece for the New York Times and that will surely be in it.

          • Please don’t publish the NY Times story until March; I’ve already used up my free article allotment for this month and I’m cheap ;>)

          • That’s kind of a sad thing to admit to people. Because my subscription to the NYTimes pays for itself after about two days every month with the quality of a lot of their work.

  4. Is really excited to see Marino’s comeback get off to such a great start. I see she is not listed in playing again this week. Do you know what her next step is? Is she going to move up to 25k or 50k ITF events?

    • I just read on Tennis Canada website that she is returning home before heading to tournaments in Japan. I assume those will be ITF 25k/50k level events (where she can go against higher ranked competitors and earn more points per tournament), or still 15k events?

      • Probably best to go look at the ITF tournament schedule; a lot easier than assuming. Also – despite all those wins, not a lot of ranking points were gained. So also probably good to look at the player lists for $25K and $50K tournaments and see if she’s even close to being able to get into them. This is all readily available.

        Unfortunate truth is there is almost nothing for female North American players to play closer to home in March if they’re not ranked high enough to get into Indian Wells/Miami. So players who have rich national fed’ns paying the bills are okay; others not so much.
        Robillard-Millette and Branstine and Andreescu (China) are preceding Marino to Asia.

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