Canucks This Week – week of May 15, 2017 (final results)

Top guns in Rome. No Bouchard.

(Players still alive in red)   st rd: vs. Qu

Internazionali BNL d’Italia
Rome, Italy (ATP Masters 1000)

Men’s singles

[6] Milos Raonic
1st rd: Bye
2nd rd: def [PR] Tommy Haas (GER) 64 63
3rd rd: def. [12] Tomas Berdych (CZE) 63 62
QF: lost to [16] Alexander Zverev (GER) 76 (4) 61

Men’s doubles

Daniel Nestor / Edouard Roger-Vasselin (FRA)
1st rd: lost to Joao Sousa (POR) / Fernando Verdasco (ESP) 67 (6) 64 [10-6]

Women’s doubles

[7] Gabriela Dabrowski / Yifan (Julie) Xu (CHN)
1st rd: lost to Kateryna Bondarenko (UKR) / Katerina Siniakova (CZE) 76 (6) 64


Busan Open 
Busan, Korea (ATP Challenger $150K+H)


Vasek Pospisil
1st rd: def Marco Chiudinelli (SUI) 62 75
2nd rd: def Liam Broady (GBR) 63 76 (2)
QF: def Tatsuma Ito (JPN) 63 75
SF: def [4] Dudi Sela (ISR) 64 63
F: def Go Soeda (JPN) 61 62

Singles qualifying

Félix Auger-Aliassime
1st rd: lost to Daniel Nguyen (USA) 75 61

st rd: vs. Qualifier 

Herzlia ISR F7
Herzlia, ISR ($15K ITF Pro Circuit)


[5] Filip Peliwo
1st rd: def [Q] Amit Gabreal (ISR) 64 64
2nd rd: def. Dekel Bar (ISR) 63 63
QF: def Baptiste Crepatte (FRA) 63 63
SF: def [7] Peter Kobelt (USA) 61 63
F: def [2] Edan Leshem (ISR) 46 61 76 (5)


Filip Peliwo / Connor Farren (USA)
1st rd: lost to [3] Dekel Bar (ISR) / Matias Descotte (ARG) 63 62

q Ahang (CHN

Heilbronner Neckar Cup
Heilbronn, Germany (ATP Challenger € 64K+H)


Steven Diez
1st rd: def [WC] Daniel Altmaier (GER) 64 64
2nd rd: lost to [4] Norbert Gombos (SVK) 61 64

Denis Shapovalov
1st rd: vs Marco Cecchinato (ITA) 63 64


[2] Adil Shamasdin / Igor Zelenay (SVK)
1st rd: def Marcelo Arevalo (ESA) / Iñigo Cervantes (ESP) 64 64
QF: def [WC] Tuna Altuna (TUR) / David Pel (NED) 63 64
SF: def [WC] Gero Kretschmer / Alexander Satschko (GER) 46 76 (5) [10-8]
F: lost to [1] Roman Jebavy (CZE) / Antonio Sancic (CRO) 64 61


BNP Paribas Primrose
Bordeaux, France (ATP Challenger € 106K+H)


Peter Polansky
1st rd: lost to [Q] Benjamin Bonzi (FRA) 75 63


Peter Polansky / Joao Souza (BRA)
1st rd: lost to [4] Santiago Gonzalez (MEX) / Artem Sitak (NZL) 46 63 [10-5]



Academia Sanchez Casal Women’s Open
Naples, Fla. (ITF $25K Pro Circuit)


[5] Katherine Sebov
1st rd: def Kamila Kerimbayeva (KAZ) 62 62
2nd rd: def [WC] Jessica Wacnik (USA) 60 64
QF: lost to [3] Michelle Larcher de Brito (POR) 06 60 64

[Q] Carol Zhao
1st rd: def [LL] Maileen Nuudi (EST) 36 60 60
2nd rd: lost to [1] Taylor Townsend (USA) 75 76 (4)

[WC] River Hart
1st rd: vs Sophie Chang (USA) 61 61

[Q] Charlotte Robillard-Millette
1st rd: vs. [7] Lauren Albanese (USA) 75 76 (1)

[Q] Catherine Leduc
1st rd: [3] Michelle Larcher de Brito (POR) 62 62


Charlotte Robillard-Millette / Carol Zhao
1st rd: vs. Mara Schmidt / Jessica Wacnik (USA) 64 63
QF: lost to [1] Robin Anderson / Maria Sanchez (USA) 67 (3) 64 [10-5]

[WC] River Hart / Victoria Emma (USA)
1st rd: lost to [3] Sophie Chang (USA) / Ulrikke Eikeri (NOR) 64 60

Singles qualifying

[1] Carol Zhao
1st rd: def Elena Bovina (RUS) 67 (5) 64 75
2nd rd: def. Alona Bondarenko (UKR) 64 22 retd
Final rd: def  [16] Mara Schmidt (USA) 75 62

[8] Charlotte Robillard-Millette
1st rd: def Anca Craciun (CAN) 64 61
2nd rd: def Magdalena Ekert (POL) 61 61
Final rd: def [WC] Kyle McPhillips (USA) 61 63

[14] Catherine Leduc
1st rd: def Stephanie Nauta (USA) 62 63
2nd rd: def Dominique Schaefer (PER) 62 62
Final rd: def Eva Raszkiewicz (USA) 62 61

Leylah Annie Fernandez
1st rd: def [WC] Nikita Uberoi (USA) 63 60
2nd rd: lost to [12] Amy Zhu (USA) 64 64

Anca Craciun
1st rd: lost to [8] Charlotte Robillard-Millette (CAN) 64 61

, q Ahang (CHN) 

Tombim Abuja Open (F3)
Abuja, Nigeria ($25K ITF Pro Circuit)


[2] Brayden Schnur
1st rd: def [Q] Mohit Jain (IND) 61 60
2nd rd: def. Jose Vidal Azorin (ESP) 63 76 (2)
QF: def Moez Echargui (TUN) 63 64
SF: lost to Christopoher Diaz-Figueroa (GUA) 75 36 61


[4] Brayden Schnur / Benjamin Lock (ZIM)
1st rd: def Alafia Ayeni (USA) / Calvin Hemery (FRA) 64 62
QF: def Alessandro Bega (ITA) / Pedja Krstin (SRB) 63 64
SF: lost to Moez Echargui (TUN) / Mark Fynn (ZIM) 36 63 [11-9]


XIXO Open Zamardi
Zamardi, Hungary ($15K ITF Men’s circuit)


Benjamin Sigouin (JE)
1st rd: lost to [Q] Aljaz Radinski (SLO) 36 64 64


Benjamin Sigouin / Nicola Kuhn (GER)
1st rd: def. Grega Boh (SLO) / Alen Hadzalic (CRO) 63 61
QF: lost to [3] Domagoj Biljesko / Nino Serdarusic (CRO) 75 64

q Ahang (CHN


Pachuca Open
Pachuca, MEX ($15K ITF Pro Circuit)


[Q] Samuel Monette
1st rd: def Shane Vinsant (USA) 62 60
2nd rd: def Mauricio Echazu (PER) 67 (6) 63 63
QF: lost to [3] Juan Ignacio Londero (ARG) 63 62


Samuel Monette / Juan Sebastian Gomez (COL)
1st rd: def Ivan Endara (ECU) / Alejandro Mendoza (BOL) WALKOVER
QF: lost to [2] Marcel Felder (URU) / Luis David Martinez (VEN) 63 63

Singles qualifying

Samuel Monette
1st rd: def Matt McBride (USA) 63 61
2nd rd: vs. [9] Andre Miele (BRA) 46 75 63
Final rd: def [6] Nathaniel Lammons (USA) 64 26 76 (4)

Michel-Alexandre Fortin 
1st rd: def Joseph Gray (USA) 61 63
2nd rd: lost to Luis Britto (BRA) 63 62

Washi Gervais
1st rd: lost to Nicholas Shamma (USA) 63 64

1st rd: vs TBA

International Spring Bowl
Mödling, Austria (ITF Junior Grade 2)


Singles qualifying

[5] Taha Baadi
1st rd: def Marius Lechner (AUT) 60 60
2nd rd: def. Yannik Steinegger (SUI) 75 61
Final rd: lost to [3] Tomas Descarrega (ARG) 76 (4) 64

Nicaise Muamba
1st rd: lost to [6] Govind Nanda (USA) 61 63

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8 thoughts on “Canucks This Week – week of May 15, 2017 (final results)

  1. I’m confused about Genie’s thinking. I can’t understand how preparing for the grass court season in England this week is going to help her when she still has two clay court tournaments to play before the grass court season starts. And, how does that help her preparation for those 2 clay court tournaments?

    • I think you’re reading into it WAY too much. Or assuming way too much.
      I just said that she would work on some “grass-court things” as well. None of those things are antithetical to playing on any type of court.
      And she will still be on a clay court.
      But she has an entire week to fill in Nürnberg, because she’s already there. And her coach is there, which hasn’t always been the case. Why not take the time available to work on some shots?

  2. It’s shaping up to be a mini-battle between Canada and Italy this week on the Challenger Tour (in singles).
    If I have my dates right, this is the last week to gain ranking points (if you’re in striking distance) in hopes of landing a MD spot at Wimbledon.
    First you have 104 Pospisil, no.2 seed in Busan, who, with a couples wins each, could meet 100 Thomas Fabbiano in the QFs.
    Meanwhile, in Heilbronn, you’ve got 187 Shapovalov trying to stop 103 Cecchinato from progressing and jamming up Pospisils plans.
    And, while not CAN vs ITA, 187 Diez could face 99 Gombos, who is desperate to secure his position in the top 100. 🙂

    • You’re close on your rankings, but not quite accurate. Not sure where you got them.
      Pospisil is 106, so Wimbledon would depend on how many protected rankings there are. I don’t know how far he’ll go, though, not 100%.
      The two Italian guys made big jumps the last month but also played a LOT of tennis. We’ll see how much they have left.
      Shapovalov is playing his first match on red clay since … junior French last year? I’m not too optimistic but you never know.

        • Well, now you know it’s not reliable. Why not go to the official rankings on the ATP Tour’s website?
          It’s pretty good for what it does – except it already factors in potentials from this week, which are provisional and can change with every result.

          • It serves my purpose of monitoring the live rankings as they change daily.
            I’m surprised you’ve not heard of them (or think they are unreliable).
            They’re pretty useful, actually.

          • Obviously I’ve heard of them. I mean, this is what I do.

            But they don’t reflect the accurate, official rankings, which are only published once a week, so that’s why what you typed was inaccurate. They are unofficial.
            And they are not always right. “Useful” doesn’t necessarily mean perfectly reliable. I need perfectly reliable.
            Even the ranking they had for Pospisil on the weekend, for example, when I looked for something I was writing, when nothing was going to change, was not an exact match for the official ranking. This has happened to me numerous times.
            They also were wrong on the projection of Bouchard’s ranking. They had it at No. 54; in fact, the official ranking for Monday was 52.
            If I need to anticipate a future ranking, I usually do the math myself to double-check.

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