Despite two Slam finals this year, Murray and Peers are done

A Wimbledon final and a US Open final would be a heck of a season for most doubles teams.

But despite that, it appears Scotland’s Jamie Murray and partner John Peers of Australia are splitting up.

The announcement doesn’t come from either Murray or Peers but from Brazilian doubles specialist Bruno Soares, who has announced that he will play with Murray in 2016.


The news comes from the blog of Diana Gabanyi, the Brazilian who notably was Gustavo Kuerten’s media-relation liaison during his entire career.

Soares told Gabanyi that he felt his results with longtime partner Alexander Peya of Austria weren’t up to their standards this year, even though they’re currently 10th in the race to London. Clearly it’s on good terms; the two are playing together in Vienna this week, and for the rest of the season.

Melo and Soares have lots of experience together, but Melo is sticking with his status quo.

                          Melo and Soares have lots of experience together, but Melo is sticking with his status quo.

The Brazilian said the first person he approached was countryman Marcelo Melo (with the Olympics coming up in their home country in 2016, it was an obvious and logical choice). But Melo told him he was sticking with current partner Ivan Dodig, with whom he won the French Open this year. (Notably, Melo approached Daniel Nestor a year ago to team up, but Nestor didn’t go for it). The very same day, Soares said, Murray asked him to play.

Melo and Soares played together at Indian Wells this year, reaching the semis before losing to eventual champs Vasek Pospisil and Jack Sock. Along the way, they defeated Murray and Peers. The two reached the quarters at the Olympics in London in 2012 and have played a lot of Davis Cup together; they were a full-time team in 2010 and 2011, as well as in the early 00s when they were just starting out on the Futures circuit.

The gents are so civilized about this, aren’t they? Murray and Peers, currently fourth in the doubles race, will be playing in the ATP Tour Finals, which obviously would be their final event.

As for Peers? Well, perhaps a hint came during the Asian swing, which Murray skipped to spend some quality time at home. Peers teamed up with … Leander Paes, who has been freelancing since he and Nestor called it a day after a few months together this year. They had it tough in Beijing and Shanghai; both weeks, they met Nestor and French partner Édouard Roger-Vasselin early on, and were beaten.

The annual late-season game of doubles musical chairs has finished its first round.



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12 thoughts on “Despite two Slam finals this year, Murray and Peers are done

  1. Steph…one last question…sorry turned the posting into Canadian Olympic tennis quali questions.

    How does mixed doubles olympics entry work for Canada? Is there a minimum combined ranking (male + women ranking) to qualify. i.e., Does Canada need one top 10 doubles or one top 10 singles player to qualify for mixed doubles?

    Unless bouchard turns things back around next year, that means Canada need a top10 doubles (Pospisil, or Nestor), or top 10 singles (Raonic) to play mixed doubles (assuming Bouchard wants to play) in Olympics? Or is Canada allowed at least one entry despite non top-10 rankings?

    If Nestor climbs back to top 10, presumably, if Bouchard wanted to play, he’d take her to mixed doubles?
    If Raonic was top 10 singles and Nestor not, then Bouchard with Raonic?
    If Bouchard top 10, then Bouchard takes Pospisil/Raonic, as she’s never played with Nestor?
    If nobody top 10, can Canada qualify for mixed doubles olympics?

    • There will be some Olympic news coming in the next few weeks. I have it under my hat for now. As for the qualifying – go to the ITF website and have a poke around. Overall the eligibility is pretty dodgy and somewhat exclusive with fairly arbitrary wild cards (I remember Cara Black, who hadn’t played singles for years and didn’t even have a ranking, playing the qualies at Rogers Cup in 2008 because the ITF had given her one of the “African zone” discretionary wild cards). Which is why it’s hard to take it too seriously as an actual tennis tournament.

  2. Is roger vasselin back with benneteau next year, or will he play with Nestor? If not, who is Nestor playing with? Kubot, Peya already have partners.

    Any chance Nestor plays with Pospisil prior to Olympics? Wouldn’t roger vasselin also want to play with benneteau for olympics too?

    • Olympics is pretty complicated for a deep country like France. Six max men; and lots of the singles guys want to play doubles, as happened in London. You have to have a top-10 ranking in doubles to be able to bring in a partner who doesn’t. And obviously neither Roger-Vasselin nor Benneteau will have that.

      So if you figure one last Olympics for Simon, Tsonga, Monfils and Gasquet. That leaves two spots. That’s probably Mahut and Herbert – if the other four guys don’t all want to play doubles, which they might well. So I don’t think Benneteau and ERV can even think about the Olympics as a realistic possibility.

      • Yes the french team is loaded! Actually, I was thinking ERV may have a chance of top 10 if Nestor/ERV continue to do well.

        All their ranking points are back loaded, so they don’t have much to defend pre-olympics, whereas Mahut/Herbert have aussie final and most above them in rankings have everything to defend pre-olympics.

        Any news on if nestor/ERV wil play together next year? If not together, has Nestor decided on someone for 2016.

        ERV seems like his best chance at another grand slam. Peya and Kubot – who he played with this year – are already committed to new partners for 2016 – I think?

        Ha…nestor just won with knowle – 2 lefty 40 yr olds – over bop/mergea too!

        • Doesn’t really matter what their rankings are; it’s a Federation decision. The fact that the Olympics is being played on a hard court might well factor in.
          But if you look at Mahut and Herbert, I’m not sure their results are backloaded at all. In the end, the fight for Olympics sports in France is gonna be down n’ dirty, with the obvious preference to the singles guys.

          Roger-Vasselin is committed to Benneteau when he comes back, which seems to have been pushed back a bit. I imagine it’s going to come down to how strong their commitment is 🙂 🙂

          I talked to Nestor in Australia earlier this year about his 2015 options. You might find it interesting.

          • Oh I meant nestor/ERV are backloaded with their ATP points, while mahut/herbert will need to defend Australian open at start of season.

            Yes I read that article previously. You always have great inside scoop. Maybe Max will want to join up again. Mirnyi/Lopez were so-so this year. Ziggy’s free again too now…is it confirmed that Matkowski has a new 2016 partner?

            Hopefully ERV will stick around long enough with Nestor to get top 10. If they win Paris, they’ll both be close to top 10 rank.

            Nestor seems to do really well when he finds the right partner. Knowles, Zimonjic, Mirnyi, ERV

            Thanks for all your great info.

          • The annual off-season game of doubles musical chairs hasn’t even BEGUN!

            It’s too soon to judge the Nestor-ERV partnership. There’s always a honeymoon period. Although I hadn’t watched Roger-Vasselin play all that much live until he teamed up with Nestor. He’s a lot better than I thought he was; really good all-around player. I’ll keep everyone posted with anything I find out.

            You’re not giving Nestor nearly enough credit, though – despite your e-mail address. How many Slams did Zimonjic win before he teamed up with Nestor? Methinks that for most of his career, it was the other way around. Other players did really well when they teamed up with him! 🙂

          • Yes Nestor’s partners really were most successful when they played with Nestor. Nestor’s the best double players of all time in my biased opinion, winning GS with multiple different partners.

            What I meant was that when he has a good fit for a partner (e.g. zimonjic, mirnyi, knowles, and now possibly ERV), Nestor’s a threat to win every tournament, GS, and #1 rankings.

            Although still early, it seems like ERV is a great fit (despite ERV not having the booming serve). Every tournament, Nestor/ERV seem like they can make it to finals. Even in their losses so far, they’ve won at least a set in each match and were a couple tiebreak points or one converted break point from winning.

            With the wrong partner (Linstedt, Bhupathi, Paes), it was a struggle to win a set in the first round. So I’m hoping they stick together especially if Nestor is retiring?? after 2016 olympics.

            As to doubles musical chairs, Matkowski indicated on his facebook page for 2016 olympic year, his doubles partner will be Kubot…so Ziggy’s out already!?

            Yes please update when there’s news on Nestor’s 2016 partner! thanks for the awesome updates on your site….the best place for tennis updates – especially Canadian tennis info

          • Yup, Olympic years add an extra dimension to the intrigue … that’s why Soares’s original choice was Melo.

          • Doubles rumor mill 2016…Are these all confimred in addition to Soares with Murray?

            So Zimonjic with Muller?
            Peers with Kontinen?
            Kubot Matkowski
            Peya with Petzchner?

            Nestor played with Peya and Kubot this year. Kubot just committed to doubles I think and dropped singles, but he’s supposedly playing with Matkowski according to his facebook page.

            If ERV is back with Benneteau next year, and if Mirnyi doesn’t want to rejoin Nestor again, it seem like the best option is Pospisil or other singles players?

            Nestor/ERV win over Isner /Sock – that was a tough one! Is it just me, or does it seem like Nestor is struggling a bit on first serve faults these days. Also, ERV was serving first in the doubles match.

          • Won’t be Pospisil. Nestor only played with Peya and Kubot because he added extra tournaments his partners at the time weren’t playing, for various reasons. Didn’t he also play one with Shamasdin? Maybe that was last year.
            I think Mirnyi seems pretty happy with F-Lopez. I’m not sure he wants to really play a full-time schedule any more, has lot of outside interests, and with Lopez being a top singles player it’s not an issue. I sort of remember Nestor saying he approached Mirnyi about this year but it wasn’t happening. Also, if you read the story I wrote you can see that for various reasons, Nestor doesn’t even have singles players on his radar. I actually went through the good ones who regularly play doubles and who might play the deuce side – which is a deal-breaker. It was a surprisingly small pool.

            As for what Nestor is or isn’t doing on the tennis court these days, I wouldn’t venture an opinion without actually seeing him play!

            I’m going to wait to see how it all shakes out. I’ll leave it to you to keep up with the rumour mill!

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