Federer video – Team Switzerland press conference

Accurate statement from Roger Federer about the state of his back, from the Davis Cup squad’s press conference in Lille Tuesday afternoon.

Quick Tweets are what they are – accuracy sometimes optional, or sacrificed for the god of 140 characters.

Here’s exactly what Federer said about the state of his back.


Here’s a translation:

“We know exactly what it is. It’s the back problem I’ve had in the past.

“Sometimes it was bad, sometimes not so bad. This time, it’s not good, if you will, because I couldn’t play the (London) final.

“Because you know me: I would have played if I could have. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case, it’s too severe.

“Now we have to wait and hope that I can manage to practice in the coming days.”

At the end, that’s Wawrinka jumping in and joking (joking, right?) that Federer was going to wait until the media left, because he couldn’t get up.

Federer laughed and answered, “That remains to be seen.”http://opencourt.ca/wp-admin/post.php?post=16612&action=edit

More from the press conference, in a few languages.

 A story in Le Matin, which has quotes about, uh, The Situation in London.

Federer: “Well, I was on the other side of the court so it wasn’t all clear for me. We spoke; Seve was there. I wanted to know if there might be any hard feelings. Because things can happen in the heat of the moment. We talked, and everything is resolved.”

Wawrinka: “I don’t know if the umpire really has the right to talk about this. With Roger, there’s no problem. With the years, we’ve learned to handle these little uncomfortable situations.

“For me, the umpire piled up the errors throughout the match; you saw the deal with the overrule in the first game of the first set. In the end, this sholw story is just a trifle for us. You’re the ones making a big deal of it. With Roger, we resolved everything in five minutes.”

Federer: “It’s difficult not to be able to practice, because only practice can tell me where I’m at. I tell myself it might have been preferable that Stan finished the match at 5-4 Saturday (Editor’s note: Wawrinka mumbled something). But it’s true: my back wouldn’t be sore and we wouldn’t be in this situation. On the other hand, the match became historic thanks to that long third set, in a crazy atmosphere.”

Before that, a Federer-less practice.


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