Genie Bouchard v USTA – update

The main roles in the matter of Genie Bouchard v USTA are beginning to be cast.

Jack Weinstein-judgeThe case is under the purview of U.S. federal judge Jack B. Weinstein, who is … 94 years old.

David SirotkinPer Wikipedia, despite having been designated a “senior judge” for more than 20 years, Weinstein still carries a full case load.

Let’s put it this way, Weinstein’s original appointment came from US president … Lyndon Johnson in 1967. Interesting stuff here on him.

Weinstein has referred the case to Magistrate Judge Marilyn Go, a Harvard Law graduate who’s been on the job more than 20 years.

Marilyn GoPartner Benedict Morelli is the lead counsel on the case; David Sirotkin (right) and Perry Fallick are associates working on the case with Mr. Morelli.

(Sirotkin pic from the Morelli Ratner firm website; Weinstein pic from the RWU law school website)

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