Genie Bouchard’s week on Twitter

A couple of weeks of social-media silence from Genie Bouchard resulted in Twitter being a-buzz.

Her legion of fans was concerned.


And then, over the last few days, Bouchard resurfaced.


Which, of course, led to many relieved fans.


In the meantime, the Genie fan base was active.

One fan was understandably disappointed that Bouchard pulled out of the IPTL.


Many – many – had career advice.



Well, that pretty much ran the gamut, didn’t it? Thinking Richard Williams is probably out of the running.

And the haters had fun. One even deigned to speak for all  of Canada, which is ballsy.

As for the other, well, he’s an egg.


There was even a bloggy rumour that involved some video from something that happened about nine months ago, blown up and re-Tweeted in rather nonsensical fashion.


The video in question was a brief clip from Bouchard’s promotional helicopter ride with Grigor Dimitrov at the Acapulco event last winter.

It looked to us as though she was looking over to see how Dimitrov tied up the rather complicated seat belt. This somehow turned into her gazing at him longingly, which turned into them having a secret tryst.

I mean, nothing like a black news hole for things to veer into the ridiculous.

Meanwhile, this young lad holds out hope for a rather unlikely event.


But you know what? Don’t ask, don’t get.

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2 thoughts on “Genie Bouchard’s week on Twitter

  1. I’ve often wondered how these athletes deal with the thousands of Twitter mentions and messages they must get every day. Does someone screen them first ? Some of it must be nice to hear, but most of it is just mundane, like replies to others that gets passed on.
    And there’s an awful lot of vitriol, like the kind from the idiot in your post. No doubt that the block feature is their best friend, but do these athletes actually read this crap ? Even Roger Federer gets insults tweeted directly to him. Must get disheartening or demoralizing, unless there is someone making sure it doesn’t get to them in the first place….

    • I would say only the people who have someone Tweeting for them (people like Nadal, sometimes) might have someone blocking people.
      Some of the French players (even players you’ve never heard of) seem to have someone handle their social media, which is weird.
      I’ve seen WAY worse than this Bouchard non-fan. Some of it is so heinous, racist and cruel, it’s unbelievable.

      I would say, if they want to stay on Twitter (and I can’t think of a single reason I would, if I were well-known), they just don’t read the mentions too much, if at all. Except if they do something really great that day, in which case I’d say they’d be tempted. 🙂

      The problem with even answering a few of them is that then you get 100 Tweets that basically say “Hey, you answered X. I’ve sent you 100 Tweets and you’ve never answered me 🙁 ” That stuff happens when some of the players do Twitter Q&As. Half of the Tweets are angry responses that basically come down to, “HOW COME YOU’RE IGNORING ME??? I HATE YOU”. It’s just such a cesspool.

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