Grigor Dimitrov: Knight in shining armour

If Maria Sharapova doesn’t lock down Grigor Dimitrov and make him her baby daddy, some other woman is going to be very, very lucky.

Just look at this little scene, right in the middle of the Bulgarian’s match against Kei Nishikori in Miami Sunday night.

After losing a tough first set, Dimitrov asks the ballgirl for a towel, only to quickly realize that she wasn’t feeling up to snuff.

He immediately takes her hand and escorts her off the court, helps her lie down, and instructs the other ballkid to elevate her legs.

Awwwww. Well, see for yourself.

Seriously, is that not the most delicious thing you’ve ever seen?

As if the kid weren’t adorable enough.

He might not have won match against Kei Nishikori, but that positive credit in the karma bank will come back to him someday.

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