6 thoughts on “Guardian: WTA Tour’s response to IW bookend crises weak

  1. Hello Stephanie,

    “Djokovic clearly stood with Moore”
    You wrote that in your Guardian blog…

    Well, all i can say is shame on you for your abysmal attempt at sensationalising the story of one sexist Moore with what Novak was saying.

    Putting Djokovic with Moore is not justifiable, they are not saying the same thing at all. The fact is, it may press the same “ooh, this is sexist, or a step back from what Billie Jean fought for”… but in fact, they said very different things. I find it really unfortunate that Guardian “journalism” can have such low integrity. This is sort of bad logic one might see in a tabloid or gossip magazine.

    My opinion is there should be FAIRNESS, not equality. If one wanted to talk about “equality” how about wheelchair tennis, or senior’s playing tennis, or juniors? Should they not be paid equally since they are all trying their hardest, practice daily for long hours, and are all humans after all, with equal rights we hope? Surely this political correct nonsense should adopt a bit of logic? 5 vs 3 set grand slam matches aside, men play longer matches and their tennis is VASTLY superior, and for most tennis fans, far more viewable…. Billy Jean and Martina have caused the damage, and bravo for men like Novak to bring the topic of fairness up for discussion.

    Thanks, be well…

    East Grinstead, UK

    • He stood with more on the issue of making Indian Wells a sort of “super Masters 1000” event, with more prize money. Djokovic had an agenda about this on court, and again in his press conference.
      I’m sorry that wasn’t clearer.

      • Djokovic wasn’t in agreement with what Moore said about female players and what they should do.

        Novak’s statement conveyed his belief that prize money should be distributed based upon what each is generating in terms of publicity, ticket sales, attention, provided there is valid data to support this.

        Djokovic does stand with what Moore was getting at. Djokovic’s opinion was that “we have much more spectators on the men’s tennis matches.” Moore didn’t state it quite the same way but the implication is the same. If bonus prize money is to be distributed according to attention/sales, his belief is that men’s tennis should get a greater allocation of prize money.

        I personally watch Womens vs Mens tennis about the same (except for women’s doubles which I don’t really watch)!

        Now is there really an objective stat or metric to see how much attention, revenue is generated directly and/or indirectly from ATP or WTA? Probably not….

          • I think he was simply trying to convey that women fight and sacrifice just as much, possibly more than men to play tennis. So, they all deserve the right to fight for a pay allocation just as much as ATP players. The “hormone” thing was as you put it “dumb”.

            Given that he’s a husband, father, a role model of good character to date, I can take that as a rare aberration in his communication, just like a rare unforced error he makes on the court.

            Tennis sure has gained much publicity and visibility in 2016.
            – Match fixing
            – Sharapova – failed doping
            – Indian Wells: Williams sister return
            – Indian Wells: Moore’s non PC statement. No you can not make statements like that now without being let go. At least, he did say what he meant though.

            What’s coming up for clay court – French open season?

            One things for sure Steph, glad you are here to keep us up to date daily!
            I didn’t realize you wrote tennis content for so many news/online sports sites!! (Guardian, new york daily or times?, star, yahoo). That’s Canada, USA, UK.

            If you will be writing Japanese or Chinese articles, please do a what are they doing now follow up on Li Na and Kimiko Date (did Kimiko do the meniscus surgery you mentioned and did she retire or is she going to try one last comeback).

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