Match Points – Nov. 17, 2014

News from around the game, updated through the day and night.

All is love in Fed-Land

Shortly after 11 p.m., Lille time, Roger Federer posted the pic above on Twitter.


All that drama! All that hand-wringing and dismay! They couldn’t be closer!  🙂

Still, this may, indeed, have happened.




New coach for Fichman

Fichman-Kling If you wondered who this handsome fellow was, on a 15-hour flight home from Asia with Canada’s Sharon Fichman a couple of weeks ago, he’s Israel’s Liran Kling.

He is also Fichman’s coach, and their religious commonality was written up in the Jewish Independent, an outlet out of Vancouver, last month.

Fichman Tweeted a link today.

The story probably isn’t quite accurate. If Larry Jurovich didn’t remain Fichman’s main coach (he’s based out in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey) the Toronto native probably wouldn’t still be training there.

What we heard over the course of the season was that Fichman was looking for an additional coach, because Jurovich has responsibilities at home both business and family-related, and can’t travel much with her.

Enter Kling, 33, who played juniors and a little bit professionally for 5-6 years at the Futures level before turning to coaching.

As mentioned in the story, he did good work with countrywoman Julia Glushko.


USTA has a new president, chairman and CEO – all in one

Jan. 18, 2013; Kiawah Island, SC;  Katrina AdamsAnd her name is Katrina Adams.

Adams, 46, ticks all the boxes. When she takes office in January, she’ll be the first African-American. She’ll also be the first former pro player.

But she’s also a highly accomplished woman who has made a difference in her post-playing life.

On the WTA Tour, Adams reached No. 67 in singles and No. 8 in doubles, with 20 career doubles titles.

She was on the WTA Board as a player representative back in the mid 90s and since then, she has climbed up that long hierarchy of devoted service within the USTA that’s basically a requirement.

Adams was on the USTA Board of directors for five years as a director at large, and was the vice-president in 2011-12.

She also has done tennis commentary on Tennis Channel and other outlets. And that’s just the short list of her qualifications.


Hard(ly) work(ing) on Necker Island

This is where Genie Bouchard and Vasek Pospisil will set up shop this week, as taken by young American player Denis Kudla.

Awesome work if you can get it. 🙂


The exho leagues have begun

Not that we’re taking any of this seriously, or paying ALL that much attention, but one of the two competing off-season “competitive” leagues got under way on Monday.

Have to say, Venus Williams and Fetchin’ Feli Lopez™ teaming up for mixed doubles isn’t something you see every day.

Not to mention Martina Hingis beating Williams in singles.

Here’s a highlight package they put together, which doesn’t actually have any tennis in it but is pretty hilarious.

Not sure what happened to the logo on the lady presenter’s microphone but it looks like someone banged all the edges up against a brick wall and nicked off all the paint.

Here’s Tuesday’s order of play in the Champions Tennis League.


The International Premier Tennis League (IPTL), featuring a galaxy of stars including Serena, Maria, the Fed and Genie, kicks off Nov. 28.


Benoît Paire can’t buy a break.

It’s not enough that the handsome Frenchman saw his 2014 season basically tattered by a knee problem. But on his first day back in training for what he hopes is a comeback season in 2015 .. he gets car trouble.

It’s Porsche car trouble. But car trouble is car trouble.

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6 thoughts on “Match Points – Nov. 17, 2014

  1. This “Mirka harassing Stan” ordeal is unreal and real head shaker. If the roles were reversed and Roger was in the player box could you ever see him shouting out before someone serves? Its not like he needs his competitor distracted…think he has done quite well on his own ability. I would love to know what Roger said to her about this whole thing. Ohh to be fly on the wall!

    • It’s funny. Because people watching on TV don’t get a chance to see her, except for those brief shots on camera (she doesn’t text much any more, lol), it’s almost like they think she doesn’t even speak. Ever. 🙂
      Believe me, she’s RIGHT into it. But I suspect the next time the two play each other, there won’t be a peep out of her!

  2. Good to see Stan got over his brief display of temper and is back to being on good terms with Roger.

      • Well… its a team photo where smiles appear genuine … seems like a logical jump.
        You conclude this is not the case… because?

        • I didn’t conclude it wasn’t the case. I didn’t draw a conclusion at all.
          Once all had arrived in Lille, I might have thought twice if they DIDN’T pose for a team pic – especially given the minidramas in London!

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