Match Points: Nov. 5, 2014

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Nadal out of hospital

Less than 48 hours after having an appendectomy, Rafael Nadal was out of the clinic in Barcelona, and off to start recovering, a process which is expected to take 3-4 weeks before he can get to the business of training for the 2015 season.


Pat Rafter gets big Tennis Australia job

Pat Rafter - oz_new

The former U.S. Open champ, currently the Australian Davis Cup captain, will take over as director of performance on Feb. 1 – which happens to be the day of the men’s singles final at the Australian Open.

It’s a position that has been vacant a long time. And it will involve not only Rafter relocating his family to Sydney or Melbourne, but also to get involved on the women’s side in Australia, which is brand-new territory for him.

More on that from The Age’s Linda Pearce.

In the meantime, as a wise sage on Twitter pointed out, the U.S. Tennis Association still has not named a replacement for the departed Patrick McEnroe as director of high performance.


Melanie Oudin to have heart procedure      

The 23-year-old American, who has had enough issues during her short professional career to write a book, Tweeted this on Wednesday.

From this story, published a few hours ago, Oudin has been dealing with an accelerated heartbeat, at times.

She is also going to have surgery on her eye. And from the sounds of it, it’s a pterygium – and that’s a nasty thing. Jennifer Capriati is just one of several players to have dealt with this, and it’s a great advertisement for wearing sunglasses outside for the 99 per cent of players who don’t wear them.

Basically, they have to scrape the thing off your eyeball, and there’s no guarantee it won’t come back.

A year ago, around this time, Oudin was struck down with a bizarre ailment, rhabdomyolysis,  which resulted in the rupturing of muscles in both her arms.

It was put down to overtraining with weights; she didn’t start her 2014 season until mid-March.

Melanie Oudin_new

Can it be only five years ago that Oudin was the darling of the U.S. Open? She’s currently ranked No. 165.




New kit for H&M’s Tomas Berdych

Berdych-H&M Classic press-release quote from Berdych (NO chance he actually said this):

“I love how this collection brings together fashion and technolog. The basis of a good collaboration is being able to understand each other, to listen and to share objectives. I’m really pleased that our collaboration works so well.”

After some early mistakes (we’ll remember the Argentine soccer referee in Oz), Berdych’s H&M kits have been interesting – especially considering how dull the competition has been the last few years, especially the big two.

More pics and info here.

And it’s fun to note the recurring theme of Berdych having his name on his shorts – better than a grease pencil, to make sure he doesn’t lose them.




Sorry, folks, she’s off the market.


The gorgeous Mandy Minella of Luxembourg is a married woman, after getting hitched to Tim Sommer Oct. 17.

Yes, he’s her coach. So not an original move 🙂

Mandy Minella_new



Azarenka giving Milos some crazy ideas

Somehow, we’re confident it won’t come to this:



ICYMI – Polar Bear Genie

Cute Halloween costume (and she had two fellow polar bear-ettes with her)

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