Milos courts Montreal fan base – NOT!

Well, not really.

The top Canadian player was one of those asked to put together his Team Canada roster for the upcoming hockey competition at the Sochi Olympics.

He did include goaltender Carey Price but … he left off the Canadiens’ Norris trophy-winning defenceman (and fellow Torontonian) P.K. Subban.

Here’s his full list.

The reasoning behind his choices:

“Strong skaters are key, to move themselves and the puck on the larger international ice, as are big guys who are reliable in their own end.”

Gee, and after P.K. went and did THIS!! – maybe the worst interview ever, but doing his part by workin’ on old Serena to actually make it to Montreal next year!

Subban the trooper even tried to work a little French on her (because, as we know, that can be effective 🙂 )


Raonic won’t be heading back until the 2015 Rogers Cup (unless somehow there’s a Davis Cup tie in Montreal in the interim), so hopefully Montreal fans will have forgotten all about this by then.

Then again, I think we’ve figured out why this happened …


(Pic from the Canadiens Magazine)

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