NYT – Konta rise a study in perseverance

KEY BISCAYNE – Less than two years ago, Johanna Konta was outside the top 150 on the WTA Tour.

Work ethic, perseverence, increasing belief – and a tour that is currently offering a TON of opportunities to improve one’s status – and she will be No. 7 in the world Monday.

Go to the New York Times to read my piece about it.

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3 thoughts on “NYT – Konta rise a study in perseverance

  1. What did Gabby say about Fed Cup in Miami? You must surely have asked her about it?

  2. And another thing… what happened to the Woz …. our Canadian Woz, (not the Dane who we all know got to the Miami final)?? One game in Charleston?? Really? Is the shoulder still really that bad?
    Any chance of seeing Bouchard, Dabrowski or the Woz in Fed cup in three weeks time? Makes sense to try to get Gabbi perhaps in place of Carol Zhao or Charlotte…
    Any thoughts?

  3. Who is the fellow in the picture?? I know Johanna has a boyfriend who works for the company that operates Hawk Eye. That little guy certainly cannot be hers…..

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