Photo gallery: Andujar and Monaco

To commemorate their meeting Sunday in the Gstaad final, a collection of the finest of Pablo Andujar and Juan Mónaco.

The two have much in common: both are uncommonly nice men. Both have played their careers in the shadows of more illustrious countrymen but have handled that with grace and class. Both are pretty friendly with a guy named Rafa and regularly practice with him.

And both, as an aside, are rather fetching fellows.

Pablo Andujar-rain

Through the years, the changes with Mónaco have been with the hairstyle choices. With Andujar, it has been the big decision on whether or not to shave (and from the looks of it, if it doesn’t do it daily, it gets away from him).

Mónaco, at any opportunity, shucks the shirt. Andujar, at any opportunity, tends to cover up.

Both came into this tournament with 9-14 records, and Monaco has dropped out of the top 100 for the first time in many years. But the Argentine has been more successful: a career high of No. 10, with eight career titles. Andujar’s career best so far is No. 33, with two career titles.


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