4 thoughts on “Pospisil, Raonic’s runs end in Cincinnati

  1. Pospisil has been playing Fed a lot tougher than Raonic lately. I’m sure the Fed effect is legit, but I also think it is just a bad match up for Milos because Fed has never had a problem returning big serves, just ask poor Andy Roddick. Fed was probably a bit taken aback when he first faced Milos’ serve, but once he knew what to expect, & figured out how to handle it, it was no longer a problem for him. Milos has never been able to hang with Fed from the back court, but Pospisil can, & that might be why he plays Fed tougher. I could be completely off-base, but that’s my 2 cents worth.

    • Definitely part of the story. The other part is that Pospisil really has no expectations when he plays Fed at this point, so he can be a little freer. Raonic, on the other hand, has much higher expectations and that makes it a lot more difficult. He’s in a different stratosphere and at a different level, at this point in time in 2014.

      The numbers showed that when the rallies got to five shots or more, Raonic in fact did hang in with Federer quite well, once they got into it. But Federer’s returns are purposely designed to make it harder for Raonic to hit that second shot, and that’s where he got in trouble.

  2. That was hard to watch. It just seems that Fed is a bad match up right now for Raonic. He just seems to lose that level of aggression when he steps on the court against Roger.

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