Rare PR misstep from the usually pitch-perfect Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova rarely puts a foot wrong in the public-relations/social media game.

On Sunday, the world No. 3 put a big size 10 right in it with this Twitter post.


Sharapova put this up after her first-round win over Timea Bacsinszky in Madrid. Or one of her “people” did, a professional substitute Tweeter (you hope that’s the case, but …)

The photo was taken last July, at the ESPY Awards, where the two were co-presenters. There were plenty of other shots of this Mutt & Jeff pairing.

Now, we know tennis players tend to live in a bubble. But seriously, can that bubble be so thick that Sharapova has zero notion of Mayweather’s ongoing history of violence against women? It’s not like it hasn’t made the media a time or two, or 200.

As the epitome of the strong, independent, powerful, successful woman, Sharapova needs to do WAY better than this. It’s a tacit endorsement. She doesn’t need to come out and publicly criticize him or anything. But she doesn’t need to post that Tweet at all. Definitely a miss, given how on the game she always is.

The amazing (well, maybe not so amazing, if you deal with tennis fanatics at all) is how few of the Sharapova army even call her out on this. As with most of her Tweets, the replies are primarily declarations of undying love and appreciation of her beauty. Maybe the fanatics need to live in the real world a little bit, too.

On the plus side, she pretty much looks like she could kick his ass.

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