RG ’15 Pics: Maria Sharapova and her two friends

PARIS – It took two hot guys to keep up with Maria Sharapova Thursday in Paris.

Now that we’ve got your attention … 🙂

Sharapova hit Court Suzanne Lenglen Thursday afternoon (just before Roger Federer) and worked it out with the recently-retired Michael Lammer and another player, clearly a good friend of Lammer’s (we didn’t have time to thoroughly investigate his identity).

The two were pretty loose. And as a result, we actually saw Sharapova … CRACK A COUPLE OF SMILES!!!! On the practice court!

Well, in the end, a beautiful day in Paris, two hot guys on the court with you, fans loving it. Life is pretty good.

Here’s what it looked like (click here if you want to see it on your iPad).

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