Saviano’s next pupil? Sloane Stephens

It isn’t official yet – they’re still working out the details and apparently nothing firm has been decided.

And reports yesterday had Sloane Stephens people denying it was a done deal. But Zoo Tennis’s Colette Lewis was at the Veltri tennis complex in Plantation, Florida this morning for the Orange Bowl junior event, and Tweeted out this pic of the American practicing her serve. So it’s now out there.

Saviano-Bouchard-StephensThe Veltri complex is home to Nick Saviano’s tennis academy, and Stephens has been practicing there.

Just a few weeks after parting ways with Genie Bouchard, we can tell you that the veteran coach is expected to work with Stephens – whom he has coached before – in 2015, pending them working out the details of a deal (which is no small thing).

Word out of Florida is that Stephens has been working very, very hard. And also has been friendly and charming to everyone at the tennis centre.

A new start? Could be.

Four years ago, when Saviano was working with the up-and-coming Stephens, her mother Sybil said this:

“Nick is her foundation. He’s been there from the beginning and knows every nuance of her game, tactically and emotionally.”

Stephens was never removed from the Saviano Academy website.

Saviano was already working with Stevens, and Laura Robson, when Bouchard first came onto the scene all those years ago. That’s a pretty good crop, to say the least.

More details as they become available, when and if everything is firmed up. But it appears Saviano would have a similar schedule as he did with Bouchard in terms of how much he would travel.

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3 thoughts on “Saviano’s next pupil? Sloane Stephens

  1. It sounds like a bad move to me, trading an up and coming player like Genie for a player who is as inconsistent as Sloane Stephens.

    • Geine is onle consistent in GS… otherwise not better than Sloane unfortunately. Hopefully, Genie’s 2015 season not gonna be “desastrous” like this year for Sloane after her 2013… 😕

    • A bad move? Lots of players have inconsistencies.. hence why they hire coaches. I’m actually really intrigued to see how Sloane’s 2015 season will turn out. Lots of potential there, and fun to watch when she’s playing well. As for Genie… *tick tock*

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