Social media gets on Genie Bouchard’s case – big time

Luckily for Genie Bouchard, the love usually outweighs the hate on social media.

But after her loss in Miami Saturday, the haters came out in force.

See a sample of what people had to say at Yahoo!’s Eh Game.

Hopefully she turned off her phone and is resisting the temptation. It’s like people are enjoying her struggles. It’s a lot to deal with.

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14 thoughts on “Social media gets on Genie Bouchard’s case – big time

  1. Time for Genie to grow a very thick skin; that green monster is rearing its ugly head at her. I would not discount though that her new managment firm and/or Nike has an expectation for her to remain on social media and do a certain amount of promotional events. Steph, would it be unrealistic for her to pull out of the entire summer season to heal physically (forearm and abductor muscle) and train with her new team? Her ranking would plummet as she did not defend points, but wouldn’t she be better off in the long run? Thanks.

    • The green monster has ALWAYS been there.

      Yes, highly unrealistic. Not even in the realm of realistic.

      FYI – Bouchard’s contract with Nike expired at the end of 2014. Has not yet been renewed, as far as I’ve heard. Her injuries, also as far as I know, are not major. The ab thing, from what I could tell, was far from the biggest reason she lost in Indian Wells. But it’s been one thing after another on the health front for almost a year now.

      You can be on social media but not look at social media, which I certainly hope she is doing.

  2. I think if the media is there then anyone can be as present as they like. Just don’t follow that person if you don’t like their output. I get more tweets from Sergiy Stakovsky than I do Bouchard. Is he getting that much hate?

    • Exactly. Well, he gets hate if he says ANYTHING derogatory about women’s tennis. 🙂 THE NERVE!

  3. Great. All we need is for another talented Canadian female tennis player to mentally succumb to all the pressure social media can dump in a player’s psychological dustbin of hateful remarks. Hopefully she realizes that the road to the top is never a straight line.

    • I’m not sure any previous generation has had to deal with the crap the current crop of players has to deal with. If I were a well-known athlete, I wouldn’t touch social media with a 10-foot pole.
      Some of the stuff from the people who bet on tennis matches is beyond hateful; it’s downright frightening.

    • I agree. People are so much more ready to pounce on the female players than they are the guys.

      She’s young, give her a break, however, she does bring it on by being so stuck to her stupid phone and being such a constant presence on social media, I think. If she was a lot more careful with how much she puts herself out there, I don’t think it would be so huge.

      I hope she dusts herself off, ignores the darn phone, and moves on to her next practice.

      • You have no way of knowing how “stuck to her stupid phone” she is. Actually, unlike many – not just in tennis, but in life – I rarely see her walking around with her phone in her hand. Unlike most, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen her check her phone during water breaks during practices. And I’ve watched hundreds of her practices.

        If you look at the number of Tweets or Instagram pics she posts, I’d say she’s average, if that. There are many who are far more present, but seemingly don’t have nearly the same impact.

        I think she figured out a long time ago that no matter what she does, there are going to be haters. If you saw the junior scene when she was playing, you’d probably agree.

        I certainly am critical of some aspects of the Bouchard express, and I get a close-up view of the strings of this particular puppet show. What I don’t understand is the flat-out hate. I mean, did she murder anybody?

        • Hopefully Genie will bounce back. I (we) don’t want to have another early retire tennis star like Rebecca Marino!!!

          • Apples and oranges. I saw Marino in Vancouver. I didn’t see the same dark cloud hanging over her. Which was terrific.

            Difference is that I don’t think Marino ever really wanted it. She was just good at it, and things happened at just the right moment, or she’d have gone to college as she should have, as she’s doing now. Bouchard has always wanted it; wanted nothing else.

          • Glad that things are good for Rebecca now…
            Is she definitively hanging up her raquets? Or still play some college tennis?

          • She’s coaching at UBC. I don’t think Canadian college tennis would be worth her time and even if she wanted to she couldn’t play NCAAs. She hits with some of the better guy players occasionally, I’m told. But I would doubt that competing was in her future. She sure wasn’t happy doing it.

        • You’re right; it’s ridiculous, because after all, it’s her life / sport / job. Others have no right to be hateful to her because she had a bad day at the office. Everyone does; they just aren’t as public.

          I must admit, I don’t do social media, but it seems every time I turn around, people are posting Genie tweets, selfies, etc., as if that’s all she does.

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