Special guest at the Bouchard family Xmas – a BROOOON!!!

There first was talk of a possible friendship between Genie Bouchard and hockey player Jordan Caron last summer.

The Montrealer and the – gasp! – Boston BRUINS player were spotted together at an Alouettes game after all that disastrous stuff at the Rogers Cup.


Caron is currently with the Baby Bruins in Providence. But younger Bouchard sister Charlotte spilled the beans with this Christmas dinner pic at Bouchard’s father’s house. It was reposted – with helpful arrows – at 25Stanley.com


Yup, that’s him, all right. 🙂

Jordan Caron

Caron, 24, is a solid dude – 6-foot-2, 200 pounds or so.

The right-winger hails from Sayabec, Québec (a town of 2,000 in the Gaspé, previously well-known as the hometown of Olympic gold medalist in pairs skating, David Pelletier) and played for the Rimouski Océanic for most of his junior career. A first-round pick of the Bruins in 2009, he was in the lineup for the season opened the next year but has spent his career – so far – shuttling between the big club and the AHL team in Providence.

It’s most definitely a Bouchard family Christmas – we spot siblings, grandma, uncle, cousins and father Mike at the bottom of the pic, at the head of the table.

Sister Charlotte dropped this one in Instagram as well. A selfie, but … (WAIT … ARE THOSE TWO HOLDING HANDS BACK THERE?)

On the plus side, it was nice for Bouchard – and most of the tennis players – to actually be able to spend Christmas at home with family and friends for a change, because of the way the calendar shook out. Most of the time, they’re on a plane to the other side of the world while mere mortals get to enjoy the simplest, best things in life.

It seems she enjoyed it.


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6 thoughts on “Special guest at the Bouchard family Xmas – a BROOOON!!!

  1. The arrow to the girl next to Will Bouchard in the family pic is definitely not Genie Bouchard lol.

  2. I can’t begin to fathom the lifestyle of these players: the endless travel, practice, matches that you often lose unless you’re one of the top players. Even if I’d been born with great tennis genes, I don’t imagine that I would have been able to do it for very long without getting thoroughly sick of it (or going nuts). I’d probably have been singing Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” to myself day and night. People were shocked when Borg quit early but it’s amazing to me that more players don’t do the same. Federer’s drive is absolutely incredible. Likewise Ferrer’s.

    • Yup. That’s why we’re not doing it, among other reasons. It takes really unique people.
      Borg was a special case because he was obsessively and inwardly focused to a crazy degree, and his coach demanded it. The players these days strike a better balance, I think. Even the players in his day did. He was one of a kind.

    • Deffo. She probably can’t remember the last time she spent Xmas with her family (and … friends 🙂 ). Even in the juniors there are a bunch of tournaments during the holidays.
      It all looks glamorous and people think they’d trade whatever they’re doing in their lives for it in a nanosecond, but when the short tennis career is done, all you have left are the people who love you. And they need TLC. And there’s no time.

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