Swede Ymer 3/4 of the way to a Dancy Slam

ROEHAMPTON – Elias Ymer qualified for his third Grand Slam of the season Thursday at Roehampton.

One more, and he’ll be the Swedish Frank Dancevic, well-known in recent years (although not this year) for having a knack for getting through the qualies.

Ymer looked pretty done in late in the fourth set of his final-round qualifying match against Guido Pella of Argentina. He was injured – cramping, most likely – and practically hopped to his chair just before he set out to serve for the match.

Elias Ymer 1

He was broken quickly by Pella. And you had to think, at that point, that if Ymer didn’t win that set, he was going to be done, either losing the fifth quickly or perhaps even retiring.

But then, Ymer rallied, getting the set to a tiebreak and giving Pella the opportunity to pretty much throw it away, an an endeavour he cooperated fully with. He’s a talented left-hander who can’t quite take that next step; Pella showed a glimpse Thursday of why that might be.

Here’s how it ended:

To Pella’s credit, though, he was terrifically sporting at the net.

Ymer has now qualified for the Australian, French and Wimbledon. By the time the U.S. Open rolls around, he probably won’t need to qualify the way things are going.

Of note to Canadians; Ymer is coached by Spaniard Galo Blanco, who was the coach for Milos Raonic when the Canadian broke through a few years ago.


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