5 thoughts on “Tennis.Life: No Fed Cup for Bouchard

  1. I don’t blame her. She’s had a tough time the last couple of times, so I don’t know why they think holding in Montreal would entice her to come and be abused some more.

    I also agree with your comments in the past, that players have to look after their own health and careers, first.

    • Why even have a Fed Cup if players won’t play for their country? I don’t think playing would hurt her career. She is only a very ordinary player now and will be remembered for 1 good year.

      • It may hurt her career, simply due to the turnaround to her next tournaments. As Stephanie mentioned in her article, the travel puts the players ‘behind the 8 ball’ and they end up losing their next tournaments. That costs time and points, so yes, it does hurt a career.

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