3 thoughts on “The biggest day of Vasek Pospisil’s career

  1. Whatever happens, Pospisil has probably played the most serve and volley tennis of any other player this year, or maybe even the last three years, in this one tournament so he has played a lot of short points. He is probably more sore than tired per se. But I think he likes having that feeling in his body of playing a tremendous amount of tennis. Hopefully he’ll be able to maintain the status quo for the rest of this year. He definitely has one of the more attractive games out there!

  2. Really hope that Vasek has a good time and can give Andy a match. Have been impressed by his mental fortitude this tournament.
    Interesting comments from Bollettieri regarding decorum in the players’ box !

  3. On va suivre cela avec graaaaand intérêt! Plusieurs scénarios dans ma tête, comment ne pas avoir hâte à demain matin! S’il fallait…

    Bon match Vasek!


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