The Last Word – Dec. 12, 2013

Three amigos launch Team 8

If you’re going to leave a giant outfit like IMG and open your own boutique agency operation, you could do worse than Tony Godsick did.

Godsick and partner Roger Federer (they have two other investors as well) have enticed Juan Martin del Potro and Grigor Dimitrov (nicknamed – well, you know) to come with them.

They’ve got the veteran, the sort of middle-generation guy in del Potro, and the up-and-comer in Dimitrov.

Here’s a story from the Chris Clarey of the N.Y. Times about it. Dimitrov confirmed to Clarey that his start date was Jan. 1; Godsick wouldn’t confirm it (good start to those media relations!)

“We’re trying to be a boutique agency that will manage just a small stable of iconic athletes,” Godsick told the Times.

The comments from rival agents are pretty entertaining.


The combover – a.k.a. the René Levesque

A new chapter in the Rafael Nadal hair adventures was added Wednesday when one of his sponsors, the online poker outfit Pokerstars, tweeted several photos of a nicely spruced-up Nadal in Prague as he won his first poker tournament.

Nadal hair

Hat head?

Hat head?

Okay, the fact that he is their spokesperson and that they get tons of social media mileage about his taking poker lessons and the like and had photographers there and everything – and now he goes and wins a tournament they put on – well, that’s not fishy at all!

But back to the hair. Are you envisioning what I’m envisioning? That by the U.S. Open Nadal will combine this particular coiffe with his return to the sleeveless tank tops? It’s going to be wacky.

Tell you what, though; that jacket is cut FANTASTICALLY.

(Hat head pic Tweeted by Nadal)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hair spectrum …

On court, Indian doubles specialist Rohan Bopanna’s hair pretty much looks like this:


But boy, does he ever clean up well. Looks like a completely different guy with a a trim and a little bit of product.


Hoping Masha wasn’t being literal

Maria Sharapova Tweeted a pic of a gift she received from a designer – with the hashtag #teddybear

Sharapova furIt certainly appears many animals were bred and slain to make this coat. You only hope that they weren’t actual teddy bears – or Russian bears, for that matter #badform


Sloane Stephens Q & A Friday

Live, on Facebook, the American will be answering questions. The time is 4:30 p.m. EST.

Hopefully most of them don’t start with something like “I’ve been asking you a million questions for an hour. WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME????”

Because that seems to be the trend these days (see Federer, Rog).

Colourful Berdy

You’ve got to love a guy who’s secure enough to pose in that outfit on the cover of a magazine.





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