The Last Word: Dec. 24, 2013

Roger Federer announced on his Facebook page Tuesday (over 5,700 comments on this so far) that his twins daughters would become big sisters in 2014.

Will be be a father of 3? 4? Twins again? Likely too early to know.

No doubt the organizers of the Rogers Cup in Toronto are wondering, much as they did back in 2009, whether the new dad will make it to their event. The tournament is about 7 1/2 months away … They’ll need all their fingers and toes.

More baby news

On Christmas Eve, Bob Bryan was happy to announce that he is now the father of two, with Bob Bryan Jr.

That is one big papoose. Kudos to mom.

The poor kid is going to get SO gypped with presents during Christmas/birthday time 🙂


Beautiful Xmas looooooove

If you want to see a photo that will either warm the cockles of your romantic heart, or have you reaching for the barf bag, click here.

But don’t say you weren’t warned.

There’s a gallery of other heartwarming pics of Czech-to-Czech love as well.

Christmas Tweet of the century

It comes from Russian fireplug Yulia Putintseva, who’s never short on self-analysis.

It has, in less than 140 characters, EVERYTHING!!!


Tsonga says he’s ready

The top-level players are arriving in Abu Dhabi for the big-money exhibition there that begins Thursday.

And Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, whose first match will be agains Andy Murray Thursday, tells Reem Abdulleil of Sports360 that his knee has been pain-free for four months, and that he’s confident going forward after replacing coach Roger Rasheed with the team of Thierry Ascione and Nicolas Escudé.

Clearly these two aren’t worried about that upcoming matchup; the two adidas brothers practiced together in Dubai Tuesday.

He posted a pic of himself with Murray on his Facebook page, which of course led to the inevitable first comment.

Rarely will there be a pic of these two where Murray will end up the hotter of the two (although neither is a bad call). But here’s one.


French women’s event in trouble?

The Sportiva Infos website reports that the women’s event held immediately after the Australian Open, the GDF-Suez Open de Paris, will be losing its title sponsor after the 2014 event.

It’s not great news for women’s tennis in that country (not that they seem to generally give it much attention anyway).

In other women’s tennis news, a report that the event in Budapest, Hungary, which takes place right after Wimbledon, will be replaced by an event in Bucharest, Romania this year.

Simona Halep

As it happens, the winner of the Budapest event in 2013 was … a Romanian, Simona Halep.

That change has not yet been made on the tournament calender on the WTA Tour website, so there’s no way to know as yet whether this is completely legitimate.

Stylish French travel

Despite the French focus on men’s tennis to the detriment of the ladies, it remains that up-and-coming French player Kristina Mladenovic was definitely traveling in style as she headed Down Under.


ALERT! Two Canadians practicing together!!!!

Yes, you read it correctly. Two Canadian players are voluntarily practicing together at a tournament, in preparation for said tournament.

It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should (putting aside the just-completed Fed Cup training camp/ bonding period in Boca Raton, where that obviously sort of happened as a matter of course).

It’s always great to see.


Sharon Fichman put this pic of herself and Stéphanie Dubois up on her Facebook page.

There was turkey afterwards in honour of Christmas – hopefully also together. 😛

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