The Nike Wimbledon collection, 2016 (pics)

Yes, it’s white.

The ladies will have the “flowing baby-doll nightie” look, per the Nike press release. Which means that when the wind kicks up, there could be all SORTS of unseemly wardrobe malfunctions.

“The women’s team style is updated from a two-piece look to a modern edition of the traditional tennis dress,” says the release, which means that those who are part of the team (no idea if this means ALL the women wearing Nike or just “select team members”.

The dress is just not going to look good on some of the Nike-wearing women. And many of them probably aren’t used to wearing dresses, and don’t prefer them. So we’ll see how that shakes out.

The white version of Bouchard’s current blue dress has been circulating around the interwebz as her Wimbledon kit, but that seems not to be the case, per this press release. It looks good on her but unlike her winter dress, it seems to ride up on her shorts a lot (which maybe should be slipperier) and she has often hiked it down over her hips during matches.

The two pics of Serena are the most unflattering pose for her – and the same pose. This is a stunning woman, but they have done her zero favours.

The Roger Federer polo is “features a traditional tennis collar, while its underarm gussets are engineered to enable optimal range of motion. Laser-perforated ventilation helps keep Federer cool.” So that should help. 🙂

Open Court opinion? They should put Bouchard in her “off-court romper”. It looks amazing on her, and it would REALLY make a statement.



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9 thoughts on “The Nike Wimbledon collection, 2016 (pics)

  1. I just wish they would put on an athletic skirt and top and play the darn sport. Bouchard is already becoming an Anna Kournikova had with no tennis skills. It’s all looks, no substance and here we go again. The male commentators go ga-ga over her though she has not proven to be a force on the court. This “nightie” look just adds to that ridiculousness. There are MUCH better players today but because they are plain they get little regard. It makes me sick and sad. I wanted to be a Bouchard fan but she is making it difficult to do so. I hate this look. Pretty such Muguruza wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Not a fan of Adidas but right now I prefer theirs to Nike. Come on, these woman are athletes not Playboy pin-ups.

    • As an FYI, as mentioned in the post, Nike says that ALL their female players are mandated to wear that dress at Wimbledon this year. Not just Bouchard.

  2. I forgot to mention that just about anything would be an improvement over the ridiculous outfits that Serena wears on the court most tournaments.

  3. Even if the dress does flip up, what is the big deal? The women all wear cycling style shorts under their skirts anyways and often wear their sports bras as tops all by themselves during practice. Not to mention that it would be a very simple thing to attach the dress to the waist of the shorts with Velcro or another attachment method. I do not think anyone’s modesty will be betrayed at Wimbledon this year. Compared to the way Chris Evert and her contemporaries used to dress, the ladies of tennis today seem almost prudish in comparison.

    • It’s really not about that. It’s more about being unfamiliar with that you’re wearing – especially because most of the Nike women DON’T wear dresses. They don’t test these things out in match situations before they play, usually. ANYTHING out of routine that distracts you on the court is an unnecessary added hassle. As well, given how loose and flowing they are, without testing, the flapping could even get in the way of their strokes.
      A little like the few times when Bouchard has worn a skirt, and was constantly hiking up the band of it – Nike doesn’t make skirts with actual waistbands that stay put any more.

    • But Chris Evert’s generation was pretty prudish. My granny used to make me tennis dresses just like theirs – suitable for a 10-year-old lol.

  4. This women’s collection is a big fail. Nike needs new designers. Don’t the players who have to wear these inappropriate outfits have any say? The pleated nightie dress is rudiculous as in the wind it will be over her head. The romper is more practical but not really suitable for the esteemed All England Club.

    • There have been wilder all-white ensembles than that romper at Wimbledon. I don’t think it would be against the rules. But I’d have to check. They’re more concerned with how many millimetres too wide the trim would be.
      As for having say, cashing the cheque eliminates your say.

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