2 thoughts on “Toronto Star: Shell-shocked Bouchard out of Paris

  1. There must also be sponsorship pressure echoing around in her mind as well. Her face is popping up everywhere and now she doesn’t even have the ranking to justify it let alone the slam title either. And speaking of marketable tennis players, I just saw Amandine Hesse lose her second round match. She could definitely rival Bouchard in the looks department.

    • There are plenty of gorgeous female French players. She’s just one of them. But they’re not good enough, so that’s a problem. Alizé Lime, Océane Dodin (although she CRANKS the ball and may turn out to be good).

      Not sure Bouchard’s face is “popping up everywhere.” Honestly, she doesn’t have NEARLY as much sponsorship as people seem to think she does.

      I’m pretty sure it’s a secondary pressure, if at all. Not that she’s not interested in the other stuff, but contrary to public opinion of those who don’t like her, she’s always been about the tennis and being the best in the world.

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