It’s a boy -TWO boys!- for the Feds

Leave it to the Fed to do it exactly this way.


When Roger Federer’s arrival in Madrid was first pushed back to Monday night, all those Fed-fan alarm bells went off.

And then, when he didn’t arrive Monday night, it seemed pretty clear that he wouldn’t come at all.

Tuesday, the Fed officially withdrew from the Masters 1000 event. Here’s the message on his Facebook page:

“I’ve decided to withdraw from Madrid to be with my wife Mirka during these next few exciting weeks for our family. I apologize to my fans and hope to be back in Madrid next year. I’ll be training near my home, and am excited to rejoin the Tour soon!”

Turns out he wasn’t just being a supportive father-to-be. The big event was COMIN’ – and in a big hurry.

When he talked about the “next few exciting weeks”, he wasn’t talking about hugely pregnant Mirka and fetching stuff for her and rubbing her feet and the like. He was talking about welcoming home two new little ones.

As for his return to the court, which is what most Fed fans really care about, you’d have to know if the babies were anywhere near full-term, or came early, in which case it will take more time.

More mystery … 🙂

According to Federer agent Tony Godsick, he plays to play the French Open and doesn’t seem to have completely ruled out playing Rome next week.

Kudos to Fed for having his priorities in the right order. And for being so damn EFFICIENT about it all.

Bonus kudos for being able to keep it all a mystery – the due date, the twinsie redux thing. Everything. It just goes to show all the celebs out there who complain about the “perks” of stardom – the lack of privacy, their lives being spread out there for public consumption – that it doesn’t have to be that way if you don’t go chasing after it.

And, of course, if you stay out of Naughty-ville.

We can officially call the Fed a doubles specialist now – and right in the middle of his bestie Stan Wawrinka’s match, does he announce it. 🙂

Even funnier, in retrospect, were Frenchman Gilles Simon’s comments when he saw he’d have to play Federer in the second round in Madrid. He suggested that Mirka start pushing. Apparently, she listened. 🙂

More twin statistics than you ever wanted to know

Twins apparently run in the Fed family; his sister Diana had a pair a few years ago – a boy and a girl, though.

Congratulation to the suddenly-doubled happy family.

On second thought, maybe Stan already knew? LOL


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