Vasek Pospisil should be good for Wimbledon (updated)

Canadian Vasek Pospisil’s ranking wasn’t high enough to earn him direct entry into the French Open.

But by the time Wimbledon rolls around, the 2014 men’s doubles champion should be fine. 

Pospisil’s second-round victory against (as it happens) Brit Liam Broady at the Busan Challenger in Korea Thursday should have ensured his ranking makes the cut for the main draw. The deadline is Monday, with the new, updated rankings released on that day.

There are 104 spots available directly available in the main draw, although that doesn’t mean that the top 104-ranked players will make it. Players can enter with a protected ranking, and would bump those behind them down.

So the quarter-final victory over Tatsuma Ito Friday pretty much sealed it.

The Canadian’s live ranking as it stands Friday is No. 96. Only four players behind him can conceivably pass him. So on Monday, he should be back in the top 100. Not only is that a nice number, it also should be good enough to get him into Wimbledon.

(**Update: Benneteau and Cecchinato are out. Worst Pospisil could be on Monday is No. 99**)

(These live rankings are pretty accurate, but not perfect. They’re a good resource to give you an idea of where people are).


The Canadian has entered the Wimbledon doubles with accomplished French doubles player Julien Benneteau, who is one of the players could slip past him in the singles rankings over the next few days.

He will play Dudi Sela in the Busan semi-finals Saturday.

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20 thoughts on “Vasek Pospisil should be good for Wimbledon (updated)

  1. Woo Hoo! Vasek wins in Busan!! That should bump him up a bit more.

    Steph, I’d like to add my thanks for all your info. I’ve been checking tennis life occasionally, but I really want to keep up with the Canadians.

    • I’m gonna have to make a deal with everyone. For every story I write here, you’re gonna have to share two on Tennis.Life.
      Otherwise, no deal. 🙂

      • Next stop for Vasek is Hertogenbosch, or maybe Surbiton first?

      • I think we would all do just about anything to have you write articles for us here!
        Watched most of Vasek’s matches this week, & I thought he started to look a lot more like his old self on the court. Since he is not playing the French, do you know if he is going to take 3 weeks off? It would be a shame to break the momentum he built up this week, but he has been in Asia for quite a while, & deserves a good rest. Looked like it was hot in Asia, too.

    • Not as easy as all that to just find a GOOD coach in the middle of the season. Especially when you’re playing.

  2. You mentioned the name of someone who would be with him for the grass court season which I thought would include Wimbledon.

  3. Sorry. Lost track of time. This thing called life you know. Was interested in who would be with him at Wimbledon but found the answer in your previous article on him which I had somehow missed. Peace.

    • No, I never indicated who would be at Wimbledon with him, if anyone. At least I don’t think I did. Unless I didn’t write clearly enough.

  4. Is Vasek still without a coach after his parting with Woodforde? If so who will be on his team at Wimbledon?

    • It’s only been a week. Geez. And he’s in Asia playing a tournament. He wasn’t like a guy who finally leaves his wife because he already has a girlfriend on the side!

  5. Thank you for this insightful article.
    You really do a great job with this blog and we Canadian tennis fans benefit a lot from your expertise.
    Go Pospisil!
    By the way, as I write this, Pospisil has won the first set 63!

    • Thanks. Unfortunately there is almost no interest from the Canadian media in Canadian tennis these days, compared to the last few years. So I’ve had to move on. Since March I’m busy at writing about the rest of tennis. So there isn’t much on here lately.
      But I will try to get some stories on about the Canadians when I can and will try to update this site with the big stuff (even if it’s just for this website on a volunteer basis) when I can.

      • Tks so much for updating on this site when you can, Stephanie. Really appreciate you doing it on your own time for those of us interested in our Canadian players. It seems like the Canadian media thinks that because they are not interested, that no else is, either. Tks again.

        • No, that’s unfair. People always blame the media. That’s an easy one and it’s really annoying.
          It’s not that they’re not interested, it’s just that they don’t have any dough.
          It’s too bad, though. I could have written at least a dozen REALLY good stories over the last couple of months. I just don’t have time. That’s a good problem to have, though.

          • that chequebook was around here somewhere… where did it to??
            yes, keep up the good work with the Canadian content… even if you have to go heavy with it at ………

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