Wimby pics: You’ve come a long way, mates

Not long ago, there was a brouhaha of sorts over countrymen Bernard Tomic and Lleyton Hewitt NOT practicing together.

To be fair to Tomic, he was just 17 and a lot of guys are punks at that age. And it also seemed like his dad had a lot to do with it.

Two years ago, when Tomic’s father John was banned from the grounds, Hewitt got over being really PO’d about the whole thing and stepped in as a mentor.

John Tomic is back. But the relationship between Tomic and his future Davis Cup captain seems alive and well.

Isn’t it nice when young punks grow up and even younger punks can benefit from it?

Here’s what it looked like on Friday.

The Tomics were definitely magnets for attention on Friday. As they walked out of the Aorangi practice facility after the first part of their hit, a TV crew from Australia’s Channel 7 tried to stop them for a few questions. Bernie T just blew right by them without so much as a “howdy do”, but papa John did stop and talked to them for some time.

No clue what that was about.

Later, someone from the referee’s office came out to talk to them – right on Court 14.

No clue what that was about, either. You can see the lady in the slideshow above.


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