5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: An encouraging win is followed by a discouraging loss

  1. I felt like this was more than one step back for Genie. It wasn’t that she lost, it was how she lost. She is reminding me more & more of Ana Ivanovic. One breakthrough year, cracked under the pressure, lack of confidence, talking about trying to handle things better, but not quite being able to do it.

    • We’ll have to disagree on that. It’s disrespectful to her opponent, a top-10 player with a whole lotta skills on the dirt.

  2. Genie has very few points to defend for grass season…if she can string together a few good matches she’s not far from returning to being seeded at Slams. Fingers crossed she stays injury free.

  3. Good lunchtime read. While disappointing, it wasn’t a first round loss which, I think, will keep her around 46 in the rankings. Lots of tactics and shot variations to work on, hopefully under Saviano’s tutelage. I see her advancing deeper once her game matures… I have no idea how far off that is. I must admit, I really like watching Baczinszky. What a backhand and what street smarts! No shame in losing to her, which reminds me to add another positive. Bouchard kept it together. Didn’t hang her head or express frustration which maybe is an indication that she is in learning mode? Her game seemed similar to the game against Radwanska at the Aus Open. There too she started well but then rushed and kept shooting long or wide.

    • There is just not going to be much “tactics and shot variations” for Bouchard, as much as people keep clamouring for it.
      This is her game. She will try to get better at it but just like 99% of players out there, it doesn’t have a lot in the way of tactics and shot variations.
      She’s 22, not 15, which is when you work on that stuff.

      Just like in the juniors: it’s pretty hard to tell a player who’s been 5 in the world and got to two GS semis and a final with her, as you put it, “immature” game that she needs to do a whole lot different. Well, you can tell her all you want, but her buying into it is a different story. She’s going to think she just needs to get back to doing what she did that year to get to those lofty heights.

      But yes, dead on about Bouchard keeping her emotions in check. It means she knows she’s playing better and it’s there, and therefore there is less frustration she needs to let out.

      Against Radwanska was a completely different deal. She was overwhelmed physically; it had been a long time since she’d played a top player, on a major court, on a big occasion. She had to work on getting that particular muscle strong again.

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