7 thoughts on “Yahoo!: As preparations for 2017 are due to start, Bouchard has much to do

  1. I think genie is right where she should be in rankings imho. Unfortunately .. her 2014 slam results had people setting wild expectations for her. She is still young lets see where she ends up lol I hope everyone will lay off her in 2017!

  2. It would be nice if she could take inspiration from Angelique Kerber’s story and rededicate herself to training as hard as she can but she may not have the necessary discipline. Seems like she wants equally to be a pinup girl which is splitting her focus. Trying to do both is hurting her game. Not quite understanding the breakup with Saviano. When they reunited she said it was like they’d never been apart as they’d known each other so many years. Is it solely because he won’t travel to all the tournaments or are other reasons at play?

  3. Good article. Is she sleepwalking towards a third consecutive disappointing season? I would like to believe she isn’t. First, she says she is committed to this tennis thing and knows that with the right team she is a top ten player. Doesn’t make sense that she would put this all aside for ‘likes’ although we all know at she does like likes. Makes more sense to me that she knows she is close, that she needs a break from tennis and will not be rushed into hiring the wrong coach. I think she is also trying to lower expectations for next year knowing that she is more comfortable on the court without them. I think she recently said that she wants to take it one step at a time and work on the specific things she failed to do well at at the end of the season. How is that for a thoughtful comment?

  4. Yeah, kind of jumped off the Genie-train recently with her floozy-ish twitter posts. Maybe if she spent some time working with impoverished children or spoke out against the ivory trade -anything less superficial than some bikini shots -I might jump back on.

    • moronic comments like this make it abundantly clear that tennis players from Canada will need a lot more success to celebrate before said morons are hopefully outnumbered by thoughtful posters

      • Hey ! If you really want to see “moronic comments” – just look at the majority of the replies to every Bouchard Insta and Twitter post. I mean, that’s the gutter right there.

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