3 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Back forces Raonic to back out of IPTL

  1. Do you think the back issue due to biomechanics given his body type, or is the issue still relating to him compensating for foot injury/issue? I don’t recall him having back issues prior to the foot issues, or did he?

  2. I suppose it proves yet again that when amazing power is generated by the human body – physically, some part of you MUST pay the price. Too bad. Milos has worked harder than most to get where he is. His all-round game, his fitness, his mobility, all have improved far more than most of us thought possible. Fingers crossed that his back gets better so we just how far he can go.

    • Yup – the thing that I first thought with him is that, proportionately speaking, his legs are very long – i.e. his centre of gravity is quite high. That means doing an extra amount of bending compared to more proportional humanoids. We all know what the bending can do to the back.

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