6 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Back to basics as Bouchard tries to qualify in Cincy

  1. Mixed doubles really is a consolation medal. Still, it bothers me that Bouchard signed up for Mixed Doubles with little chance of winning and then does not bother sticking around to see if anyone withdraws.

    Why not have Dabrowski signed up there? Dabrowski/Nestor (Combined rank 57) would have been the 2nd alternate behind Ivanovic/Zimonjic (CR 48). So why would you not sign them up in addition / instead of Bouchard/Pospisil in case a spot opens up?

    • Give it up, Nestorfan. First, you’ve got your facts wrong. Plus, Dabrowski has other fish to fry this week as well.

      • I just don’t like it when you’re representing your country, to just decide at your leisure to play mixed to increase your chance to get an individual medal. A priori, there was very little chance they were going to qualify unless it came as an alternate or ITF spot.

        So if you are going to enter knowing that ahead of time, then don’t leave…wait for sure until the 1st round starts as you elected to represent your country and try to win a medal.

        If it’s a GS mixed, fine do what you want. For Olympics, it’s not just about personal goals.

        Not sure which point is wrong. Dabrowski (44) + Nestor (13) = 57. Ivanovic (25) + Zimonjic (23) = 48.
        Murray (2)+Watson (56) = 58. Errani (22)+ Seppi (40) = 62. Pospisil (20) + Bouchard (48) = 68

        Nestor/Dabrowski would have been 2nd alternate. Unless they did not want to play mixed, it did not make any sense not to enter them.

        • If the Olympics were their only and biggest competition of the year what you say – although unrealistic and idealistic – might resonate somewhat.
          But obviously with the tennis players that’s not the case.
          It’s not their fault that the mixed is set up that way; why blame them?

          • I guess I will just let it go.

            Part of the it is the mixed qualification setup, part of it is that I didn’t understand why tennis federation wouldn’t step in to maximize the chance of getting a Canadian entry by having Dabrowski entered instead of Bouchard, part of it is also being too idealistic about expecting a player to drop everything when representing country.

          • If you’re Tennis Canada, you want Bouchard to play in as much Olympics as she can over Dabrowski, an athlete they don’t support and pretty much ignore.
            That’s the easiest thing in the world to figure out.

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