4 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Bitter disappointment for Pospisil and Sock in Rome

  1. Yes the whole year has not been great getting wins, or in may cases just 1 win, but I wonder if this dismal record is really different from his norm, or just a bad run?

    Pospisil seems to have one good tournament a year where he goes deep, e.g. Wimbledon 2015 QF, Washington 2014 F, Canada 2013 SF. Yes he did make Aussie 3R in 2014 and 2015, and only 1R in 2016, but the rest of the 2014, 2015 GS,1000 series, and 500 tournaments are basically 1R or 2R losses. This year he’s struggled even to get wins in 250 tournaments.

    Is the deep run Pospisil makes once a year representative of his true potential, or is he really just a top 64-128 player who once in a while gets things to click?

    I still think he’s got the goods to be a regular top 25 player. He obviously has all the court skills as shown in doubles, but he just can’t find the consistency in singles, or maybe its a confidence issue? Whatever it is, he’s going to need to figure it out soon, or he’ll need to start getting a run in qualifiers instead.

  2. It’s not just clay that Pospisil has struggled on this year. He has a dismal record overall.

  3. Tough loss for Pospisil. I’m crossing my fingers Pospisil pulls some magic on French clay in singles. If Pospisil does not get run going soon, he will plummet to 90 in singles as he will have 360 Wimbledon points to defend soon.

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