4 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Bouchard and Pospisil shut out of mixed

  1. Nestor/Pospisil at the net are like that Atari “breakout” game from the 80s where there’s a brick wall that keeps bouncing the balls back at you.

    Nestor’s return has always been good but to do it at 43 yrs age is incredible and to keep playing so well. His cross court inside out two handed backhand that he leans into is a thing of beauty!

    Pospisil serve firing on all cylinders today. You could tell Fognini didnt want to play anymore last game after that beating. Nadal/Lopez will be tough challenge but if Nestor/Pospisil keep their level of play up, they can win GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nestor/Pospisil have been fortunate though with the night time scheduling and the draw, against singles player opponents who played earlier in day. Hopefully, Nestor has being doing his yoga thing for stamina.

    He’s suffered at the end of long tournaments like Aussie Open doubles and mixed finals, where his legs started to go and the serve faltered, Pospisil obviously also doesn’t like the hot humid weather either, so hope they can battle through daytime semi-final and Bronze/Gold matches.

  2. Mixed doubles for Olympics seems like a consolation….Teams that have never played together with a chance to win a medal if you win 2 games. Mladenovic/Herbert and Mirza/Bopanna are favorites here.

    Unless Dabrowski did not want to play, I think Canada’s federation really should have stepped in here. It really should be Dabrowski entered for mixed doubles. Despite it not making a difference due to the low cutoff rank, it should have been Dabrowski entered with either Pospisil or Nestor to maximize chances of a medal and the chance of qualifying.

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