2 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Bouchard denied in Kuala Lumpur final

  1. Overall a good week for Bouchard.

    If it wasn’t for her injury history I would say that she just looked nervous when the pressure was on her serve. Svitolina did a good job of keeping the ball in play and Bouchard turned into an error machine. But perhaps more than nerves at play? I didn’t hear a speed reading on Svitolina’s second serves but some of those were about as slow as they come and not enough of them were punished.

    But still some good tennis by Eugenie and another step in the right direction. The main thing is I didn’t have to watch the multiple-rain-delayed match live (I guess in the end it’s all about me…lol 😉 ).

    • Svitolina’s second serve was a cupcake.

      As for the rest, it’s actually in the story I wrote.

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