Yahoo!: Bouchard looking strong in training as 2016 comeback nears

BRADENTON, Fla. – There’s no way to really predict if practice makes perfect.

But Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard looked pretty good in practice Tuesday at the IMG Academy, which has to have her many fans breathing a sigh of relief.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game for the story, and lots of pics and video of Bouchard’s double-header in Florida.


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5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Bouchard looking strong in training as 2016 comeback nears

  1. I hope you will be reporting from Australia…and maybe Shenzhen???

  2. Out of curiosity, was the reason why Saviano and Bouchard stopped working together ever disclosed?

    Now that Stephens and Saviano aren’t working together, if Hogstedt does not work out, is there any chance Saviano/Bouchard work together again or did they leave on bad terms?

    In any case, hopefully her strong training provides good results down under! She’s mentally tough enough. If she can string a couple wins together and get on a roll in Australia, she can get her ranking back up right away to give her a good start for the year.

    Winning GS might be too optimistic but if she can play like she was at US Open, she can go deep, hopefully make QFs and stick it to all the naysayers!

    I hope Hogstedt is helping her work on her serve and volley – so Nestor/Bouchard can win Mixed Doubles gold! 😉

  3. Thanks for the positive piece on Genie, especially Hogstedt’s praise about her work habits. I get so tired of hearing all the criticism from people who claim she is all about the hype and does not work hard at tennis.

    • It’s not my job to defend her, but whenever I see or hear that it makes me angry because I know that’s not the case.
      For one thing, you don’t get where she is WITHOUT it.

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