3 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Bouchard ready to get back to competition

  1. No I agree…I wasn’t implying it’s her fault, just that it’s tough for some of the mid or lower ranked players who rarely get that opportunity. She’s fully entitled to take whatever advantage she has. If I were in that position, I’m sure I would too.

    If Bouchard can continue her good form, she can return to her prior elite level, but I have to wonder if the best way to get “practice in” is skipping Davis Cup, and a 280 pt tournament where she could get a potential title and a series of consecutive match wins as opposed to a wild card for the bigger tournament. If she ends up with a tough draw in Qatar, she may only get 1 or 2 matches. Then again, she could also win the whole thing….and then it would have been the right decision.

    I guess the real bother for me is Fed/Davis Cup…you’re playing for your country here and not for yourself. Especially in an Olympic year where one is chasing a medal, one shouldn’t just try to meet minimum criteria. You have to want to play for nation even if it is an inconvenience/disruption to schedule, even if you need more practice, even if you have a basketball match to play in.

    Raonic for instance makes every attempt to play Davis Cup. When he’s not playing, he has a definitive injury…otherwise he is there.

    Still, I believe she’ll be back on track and should be well inside top 30 by the end of French Open!

  2. Is Bouchard pretty much a guarantee for Rio Olympics (as Canada would not have a female singles entrant)?

    What happens if her ranking ended up lower than the 56 direct entries after French Open, or does she somehow already have a spot locked up for Rio Olympics?

    Yes playing All star, dropping Davis cup, tournaments, criss crossing around doesn’t give great optics.

    While she has star power, she has the leverage to do that. Is it fair? Other players who are struggling without that marketability can’t afford to do that and need to fight through qualifiers.

    I guess that is life though. It is a job and a buisness. She’s got to do what’s best for her. Is that what’s best for her short-term or long term? Time will tell.

    From a patriotic standpoint though, skipping Davis Cup for more free time to practice dribbling in the NBA game seems a bit much though. They likely would have taken at least 3 singles matches with her playing.

    • If other players don’t have that advantage, that’s certainly not Bouchard’s problem. Or her fault.

      No – she doesn’t have a spot locked up.

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