5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Bouchard shines in Games debut

  1. Steph! What the heck happened?

    Tiebreak matchpoint against and they managed to break the next two points then get the comeback win on their next serve! 3 double faults in 3rd set and one I think in tiebreak but lost track in the live scoring?

    Who was double faulting? Nestor or Pospisil?

    What happened in first set? Up 3-0 with 1 break, then lost 5 games in a row? Were they playing poorly in that 1st set or were Kiwis playing really well?

  2. Found live pt score finally. What is going on! Up 3-0…then lose 5 straight on 2 breaks to the kiwis. Let’s go Canada!

  3. Crazy unknown schedule…went to Tim Horton’s from the cottage for free WIFI to watch her match to no avail. Returned to the woods disappointed only to see that her match was shown from beginning to end on CBC! I hope they continue.

      • Yes this is a pain in the a** trying to watch tennis. Steph, any cameras on court 8? I’m guessing there’s no chance I’ll see Nestor/Pospisil play.

        As much as I find livescore app annoying, I wish they at least tied the Rio tennis into it so I could follow live what’s going on.

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