5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Canada’s Next-Gen on display in Paris

  1. Thanks for the report on how the juniors are doing at RG. And also for the great pics of Felix – he looks like a dancer in some of those shots.
    I thought the young guys got along well, so was pleased to have that confirmed. They come across as nice kids and to have not just 1, but 3 young guys doing well is very positive for the future of Canadian tennis.

    • I’m not sure on what basis you thought that. But true fact that the boys generally have few issues there. They’re all so different, which is fun.

  2. So happy to hear that our junior boys are doing so well. You have mentioned a couple of times that Shapovalov is not part of Tennis Canada’s national training center program. Who decides whether a player becomes part of the program, or not – is it the player, Tennis Canada, or is it a mutual decision? And, what is that decision based on? Tks.

    • Hey, Steph, did you miss my earlier questions? Sorry to bother you, but would really like to know the answers. Tks.

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