One thought on “Yahoo! – Canadian Fed Cup team for Slovakia named

  1. How do the other players on the Fed Cup team feel about Bouchard when she plays? I’m sure they are happy to have a quality player on the team, but how do they feel about her not always making herself available, & about her non-handshake policy? Is there an awkwardness on the team when she is there vs when she is not there? I remember Wozniak’s face the time the non-handshake first came up, & she looked embarrassed & disgusted at the same time. Can’t imagine her feelings have changed since then, & I don’t blame her. I am a Genie fan, but IMO, she is dead wrong about not shaking hands. I read that her reason is that she thinks it’s hypocritical to wish her opponent good luck before playing. Someone should point out to her that a handshake does not only mean ‘good luck’. It can also mean ‘nice to meet you’, or as in this case, ‘let’s have a good match & may the best player win’.

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