4 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Conditions, opponent too much for Pospisil as Canada goes down 0-2

  1. I don’t understand how Pospisil has not been able to find a solution to his problem with heat & humidity after all these years. He is not the first player to have this problem. Sampras had the same problem &, won 12 Slams. Djokovic also had the same problem &, solved it quite a few years ago. Nadal is a HUGE sweater yet, I have never seen him struggle with hot, humid conditions. I know everyone is different physically but, Pospisil & his team have had many years to get it under control. I just don’t get it.
    With Raonic out, I know Pospisil is Canada’s top player but, everyone knows his weakness to heat & humidity so, why play him in those conditions when the same thing happens all the time? Why not let Bester or, someone else play? Even if he lost 0,0 & 0, the end result is the same as Pospisil losing 5, 3 & 3, plus it gives the other person Davis Cup experience which could come in handy in the future. It might not be the conventional thing to do but, to me, it seems logical.

  2. Yes definitely hats off to Pospisil for staying out there. If he wasn’t hampered physically, he could easily have won that match as Pospisil was a break point away from 4-3 in the third and he also should have won that 1st set.

    I do like Pospisil being aggressive and swinging free. Yes he had lots of unforced errors but when he found spurts of energy, he was zinging winners and dictating play. I hope he is ok to play doubles.

    Humidity and injuries aside, why has Pospisil struggled so much in the past on clay?

    • “If he wasn’t hampered physically, he could easily have won that match …” Dude, really?

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