7 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Devastated Raonic has Oz Open final quest thwarted

  1. At the risk of (under)stating the obvious: tough loss for Milos. Hopefully the adductor issue is only minor and aggravated by the long, five set Grand Slam format. But the recurring nature is a cause for some concern. Perhaps only playing best 2 out of 3 until Roland Garros will help. On the plus side there is so much good to take from this great run: wins over 3 seeds, first wins over Monfils and Wawrinka, improved returning, an improved backhand, confident composure, plus many more. If this is a “new” Milos and not just a hot streak then the 2015 Australian Open will represent a big leap forward — similar to 2011 when he burst onto the scene down under.

    Milos’ obvious dejection and heartfelt instagram post are a good thing overall, I think. Maybe I’m psychologizing, but I think those thoughts and feelings come from a place of confidence and belief; a strong, true belief in his ability to win those hard matches against the best in the world.

    • Not sure I’d call it “recurring” when it occurred, and then there was only a week until the Oz Open. You’d have to have time to actually heal it up for it to recur, which wasn’t the case.

      • You’re right — good point, about the recurrence. And, of course, above I meant 2016 and not 2015. I’m going to blame that on sleep deprivation from watching tennis all night/morning. When the AO is over I won’t miss those match start times.

        • I’m fairly in touch with the sleep deprivation emotion. Which is probably why I knew exactly what you meant. 🙂

    • Milos has really developed his game and you see the improvement in his agressiveness, return, movement and of course the serve volley. I was pleasantly surprised how much he was dominating opponents with his net play when coming in. In the past, I wondered whether he could step up and be more than just a server with a forehand but he has really stepped up his game with the work he has done.

      If he continues to refine his skills and add to his aresenal of weapons, he’ll be a dominating force for years to come. His outing against Murray – to be one service break away from the finals despite the adductor injury – shows he has the mental fortitude and toughness to beat the top players in Majors (except possibly Djokovic right now).

      I think your concern is warranted. Milos is at the elite level now. In majors, his body will need to able to withstand 5 setters. Regardless of the “recurring” label or not for this adductor injury, it does seem that Milos has had more than his fair sure of not so minor injuries (hip, foot, back, adductor????) causing stumbling blocks at inopportune times.

      I love his aggressivenevess attacking the net, stretching out for volleys and moving around more. The concern is how will his big body respond to that increased aggressiveness and his brute effort as he plays more and more into the final major rounds and tries more to dictate the play against the elite men in 4hr 5 set matches.

      • I really don’t think he’s been injured much more than average – except obviously for the Djoker and Fed, who seem bulletproof.
        For example, Andy Roddick had knee tendonitis his entire career – just managed it, and sometimes it was better than others.

  2. Wow! All of Canada is proud of you Milos! You showed us all your fight, passion, and fire within. Although you are obviously disappointed, we are not as you showed the courage of a champion.

    It’s no longer a question of if you will win a GS now but rather how many?

    With the level of play that you have stepped up your game, you are part of the elite – the Big 5 now.

    Yes you will need to make some adjustments to try to maintain and avoid some of these nagging injuries but your time will come. Even Djokovic had to battle through injuries for a while.

    Hold your head up high Milos!

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