3 thoughts on “Yahoo: First (singles) third round at Wimbledon for Pospisil

  1. This was a fun match to watch. Vashy is so engaging with his enthusiasm, and while I always watch Raonic, I’d watch Pospisil any day if there was a conflict.

    Thanks for all the great updates, Steph! 🙂

  2. Très solide Vasek aujourd’hui, pas le même joueur qu’à la première ronde, malgré le personnage en face de lui.

    Indeed, the draw became quite interesting in his section, his run can continue. He had his fair share of bad draws earlier this year.

    Victoire bien méritée et j’imagine très satisfaisante pour eux!

    Take it easy tomorrow in the doubles match.


    • Il faisait PASSABLEMENT moins chaud aujourd’hui, et Pospisil souffre toujours dans la chaleur. Belle victoire.

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